4 Tips to Keeping Your Kids Scooter in Tip Top Shape

Kid Scooter
Once you have bought a scooter for your kid, it is necessary that you do a regular maintenance on it. Otherwise, the scooter can become damaged pretty quickly after being used for long in rides that involve jumps and other such tricks.  And if you don’t know how to check up on the scooter, then this post is for you. Below we look at four tips that can help you maintain the scooter in top condition.   Tighten The Grip You have to check the grip regularly and makes sure that it is tight. If the grips display wear and tear, then use an air compressor to replace them. Simply insert the nozzle of the compressor between the bars and the nozzle, and then turn it on. The grips will now loosen up because of the space created by the compressor. Now, you can pull it away from the bars, and insert the new grips.   Cleaning Make sure that you clean the scooter regularly. This will not only keep the scooter looking fabulous and in good condition, but will also remove the dirt and dust which can accumulate in various parts and cause damages later on. Take a damp cloth and thoroughly wipe the handles, the deck, and the wheels.  And after you clean it, make sure to dry it out as quickly as possible with a piece of dry cloth since any dampness on the scooter can cause it to rust. If you see that the spokes of the wheel have dirt and debris, but you are unable to properly clean it with a piece of cloth, then the best thing to do will be to use a toothbrush. The short fibers of the brush will easily get in between the spokes and remove all debris accumulated on them.   Lubrication To ensure that the scooter keeps running without facing any issues, you need to have the bearings properly lubricated at all times. If it not lubricated, the scooter may not move as freely as you want. Lubricating is actually an easy thing to carry out. All you need to do is to choose a lubricant, and then apply it on the sides of the wheel in the bearing. Now, give the wheel a good spin to ensure that the lubricant is properly distributed. To lubricate the headset bearing, you will fill have to loosen the compression and take off the handles and forks. Only then will the bearings be exposed so that you can lubricate them.   Loose Components   Due to constant usage over a period of time, the bolts can loosen up. This is especially true if you ride the scooter mostly on rough surfaces.  Similarly, the clamp bolts can also become loose, which can be easily identified by checking the handlebars since they will be out of line from the front wheel. So, if you see that the handlebars are wobbling when driving the scooter, then don’t be alarmed since it can easily be resolved by tightening the clamps.   The above tips will be sufficient in ensuring that the scooter you have bought for your kid keeps working without any major troubles. And if you are planning to buy a new scooter, check out the mgp scooter guide by MyProScooter, which can help you pick the right scooter for your child.    
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