5 Luxury Gift Ideas for Active Moms

5 Luxury Gift Ideas for Active Moms

Every mom goes through a stretch of time following the birth of a child when she simply doesn’t want to do anything other than getting her rest whenever she can. However, as the baby starts to crawl around and become more independent and active, it’s normal for a mom to want to return to an active lifestyle as well. If your wife, family member, or friend is a mom who is just getting back into being active, you might be looking for some gifts that will help her find the motivation to get up and get out into the world again. To help with that, here are four luxury gift ideas you might want to consider:

1. A Pair of Designer Sneakers

While she probably won’t want to play tennis or run a marathon in expensive luxury footwear, there’s certainly nothing wrong with taking the baby for a stroll in a pair of Gucci sneakers. In fact, most luxury sneakers are designed to provide enough comfort to facilitate basic activities like going for walks and shopping at the mall. Let’s face it, that’s exactly the kind of relaxed exercise that most newly active moms opt for anyway.

2. Smartwatch or Fitness Band

A high-end smartwatch or fitness band is the perfect accessory for any active mom who is trying to make a conscious effort to get into shape. These devices not only provide a futuristic and stylish aesthetic, but they also make it easy to keep track of vital fitness metrics like heart rate and total distance walked. They can also easily interface with her smartphone to issue reminders and progress updates via the notification bar.

3. Designer Sunglasses and a Scarf

Any mom who is going to be out and active on sunny days should own a few nice pair of designer shades. Many moms find that their vision is very sensitive to sunlight when they’re just getting back out into nature after being cooped up inside with the baby for many weeks. Likewise, a luxury alpaca wool scarf is always a great accompanying gift to alongside a pair of designer sunglasses.

4. Luxury Duffle Bag

Most moms use a standard diaper bag to carry around all the things that they need for the baby during outings, but what about all of their own belongings and accessories. Giving her a luxury duffle bag will provide a stylish way for her to bring everything she needs conveniently stowed away in the trunk of the vehicle or stashed in the undercarriage of a large stroller.

5. The Gift of Time 

Bonus: Time is truly a luxury for moms whose hands are already full of taking care of the family and fur babies. Time as one of the Luxury Gift Ideas really counts. Getting this dog car seat cover is a great way to reduce the time to clean the car and still keep one’s pet comfortable. It’s a premium yet practical gift that will make their chores easier and faster to set time for other activities toward fitness and self-care. 

Luxury Can Be Functional

There’s a common misconception that says luxury fashion shouldn’t be worn during physical activity, but that rule of thumb doesn’t apply to everyone. Some people only opt for luxury clothing items and accessories, regardless of what they’re going to be doing. Thus, there’s nothing wrong with having the thoughtfulness to give a luxury gift that can actually be put to good use on a regular basis instead of only worn during special occasions.

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