7 Ways Dads Can Bond With Their New Born Baby

7 Ways Dads Can Bond With Their New Born Baby

Mothers, so easily connect to the infant because they are feeding them, taking care of all their necessities but fathers are sometimes too busy with their regular jobs to give time to their baby.  In this scenario, it is very normal for a dad to feel out of the place.

I am sure being a good father you are fulfilling all your duties but if you want to closely bond with your baby, then you need to take an extra step.

Here are a few tips which can help a father connect and bond with the infant, to find out more, go through this article:

  1. Form a team

This means taking care of each and every thing related to the baby together with the mother and this should begin from the pregnancy time. This could include anything—from doctor’s appointments, birth or parenting classes, shopping for the baby, reading childbirth books together and so. There is a lot of this stuff that the mother would be doing alone, so do not let her do this. Work as a team from beginning only so that you get to feel each and every moment which naturally connects you to the baby.

  1. You can always bottle-feed the baby

No doubt mothers have an edge over you in matter of being the need of the baby as she is the primary source of food for the baby. However, you can also connect to the baby by this way.  Moms can do breast-feeding and you can take charge of feeding the baby on bottle milk. This is the best way to connect to the baby as you will be taking care of an essential part of the baby’s routine.

Make sure you cuddle and smother the baby, the way its mother does while breast-feeding.

  1. Become the savior at night

Pull yourself up, whenever the baby cries at night. Do little things to make her smile, walk the baby around, swing the baby in your arms, feed the baby with bottle milk, change the diaper or just cradle the baby. All this would let the baby feel your essence.

  1. Let the baby feel you

It has been factually proved that the babies can recognize the touch and scent of your body. So, don’t let the mother only linger in the baby’s memories. Do little things that will make the baby recognize you too?  For that you need to let the baby feel your touch, get your scent so it recognizes your very essence. Cut your beard to avoid if your baby has sensitive skin and if you need more information about this then find out more.

Also, let the baby, fall asleep on your chest, and let it hold your finger and carry the baby around in a front carrier so it stays close to your chest and listens to your heartbeat.

  1. Bathe the baby

The babies look cutest while bathing. The bathing moments of the babies are just amazing. This could be one of the nicest moments you can have with your baby. Let the baby know its dad’s moves, be it cleaning or rinsing it would all remain in the memories.

After that, you can also give baby a gentle massage. The skin touch is the best way to connect and moreover the baby will get to know the father’s touch.

  1. Playtime is essential

This is one most important thing that must be a part of your daily routine once the baby has come. As soon as you come back from work, have play time with your baby. Show your true goofy style to let the baby see your fun part. This way the baby will wait for your daily at that time of the day. Play pee-ka-boo with your tiny toddler, make him laugh, make funny gestures, sing a song or just walk around the room.

  1. Time for a walk

Get your baby out to see the world and breathe in fresh air. Be it in a pram or in your front carrier bag, make sure you do this daily so that you become the fun parent and the bay look unto see you every day.

So these were some ways new dads can bond with their newborn. We hoped this article helped you!

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