Our Babymoon to Cape Cod

Couple at evening - Our Babymoon to Cape Cod
Our Babymoon to Cape CodHOWDY WHOOOOO mamas! I’m back! 🙂 It’s kind of weird it’s been one full week since my last post (it feels longer than that, doesn’t it??) . Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day!  
  Where do I begin?!   glucose tolerance test. I PASSED! woohoo!!! ok – short segment, but i know you were all sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to hear how it went. No 3-hour test for me!   5 year anniversary! Hubby and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on May 28. Jon and I met when I was only 15 — I’m 28 now — and he’s been my best friend ever since.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying we’ve gotten along every day ever since, LOL – best friends fight, too, right?! But we’ve gone through one helluva ride, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. To think that we dated for 6 years, were engaged for <1 and now, married for 5, it really makes me feel blessed to have found my soulmate so early in life. He’s truly been by my side through thick and thin, and I can’t wait to start this parenting journey with him. A lot of people ask us what our secret is – 5 years of marriage beats out a lot of stats nowadays… our answer? Don’t take yourselves too seriously… it’s a partnership! and no one said it would be easy – but you may as well go through it with a laugh, amirite?! What do you guys keep in mind as a key to relationship success?
how cute are we on our wedding day?
  babymoooooon! so jon and i found out we were having twins, and (if you remember from an earlier post) we were all: “whaaaat?!” ::panic – panic – panic::. but after we got over it (for the most part, lol – still currently kinda panicking), we knew we had to plan a babymoon – just one last opportunity for us to enjoy each other alone before we started our new jobs as mommy and daddy lol. we decided to go to cape cod, ma – a nice 5.5 hour drive from NJ… not too far, not too local. our rules for the trip:
  1. go to sleep as early (or as late) as we want. sleep in as late as we want – no alarm clocks allowed. take naps whenever we want. we definitely did this. there were no alarms set during the entire trip, and we woke up between 10-11am every day. we took our time getting up and ready… we moved extremely slowly – and it was wonderful. we didn’t have any schedule. we did what we wanted, when we wanted – and that was great. considering that was probably the last chance we’d have to run on our schedule – let alone NO schedule, i’m sure we both appreciated every moment of it.
    Twinmom on Grass - Our Babymoon to Cape Cod
    even got to lounge on the grass 🙂
  2. eat lobster rolls. A LOT of lobster rollscheck! we had at least 1 lobster roll a day. we actually ate mostly seafood – clams, oysters, crabs (yummyyy!). it was kinda weird, though, because jon and i are late dinner-eaters (late = after 8pm), and i guess since it’s not summer yet, the restaurant hours were VERY weird – most places were closed by 7-7:30pm, and then others were closed on random days (mondays, tuesdays). it kind of worked out, because eating out can be a big pricey, so maybe it was better that we had to get wendy’s one night because everything else was closed, lol. but whenever we DID eat out – the food was delicious. as far as the lobster rolls are concerned? they were varied in taste and quality. here’s our listing in the order from best to worst:
    1. lobster shanty – eastham, ma
    2. friendly fisherman – eastham, ma
    3. lobster pound – orleans, ma
    4. schooner’s  – hyannis, ma
  3. enjoy the scenery and seashores as much as possible – considering my limited mobility and inability to hike/rent bikes/walk for an extended period of time.
    • on our first full day (monday), it was super rainy, so we didn’t really get to do much sight-seeing. we went to chatham, ma to shop the local shops, which was really cute. I bought a shit-ton of fudge and other chocolate products from the chatham candy manor – all of which i am still enjoying today.  chocolate
    • on tuesday night, we went to go watch the sunset at first encounter beach. this was by far one of the most beautiful things i have ever witnessed. and if any of you are planning a trip to cape cod – if there’s one thing you do… watch the sunset at first encounter beach. it was so quiet, so peaceful and so amazing to watch the sunset there. it was not crowded – we had a great spot on the beach, and check out these awesome pics!Evening time Twinmom - Our Babymoon to Cape CodCouple at evening - Our Babymoon to Cape Cod
    • unfortunately, by wednesday, i had caught a cold, and wasn’t really feeling that great. we started the day by visiting the nauset light house (you know, that famous light house on the cape cod potato chip bags). this is where we took our traditional anniversary photo (see photo at the top of this post) – [as an aside, jon and i have a tradition where we take a photo during our anniversary trip to document where we were at that point in time. and each year, we hold up a print of last year’s photo – yeah, you can say it… “AWWWWW!”]. before heading back to the hotel, we spent about an hour at coast guard beach. it was way too cold to swim (plus, i was sick), so we just sat, enjoyed the view, enjoyed the breeze and all of nature, and snapped some cool pics, lol

Beach couple

Couple on beach - Our Babymoon to Cape Cod

And now we’re back in NJ, i’m cuddled next to my puppies on my couch, watching season 2 of grey’s anatomy, and i am feeling so much appreciation for the last 5 days. not only for the time i got to spend with my hubby, but also for the time i got to really allow myself to ‘get ready‘ for the twins. i know how much my life will change… how ‘full’ my hands will be, how tired i’ll be, how much help i’ll need… trust me – i hear you, everyone! I GET IT! but i think i can finally say i’m ready for it.   bring it on.   bring on the twins! 9 more weeks and mama is ready to welcome you into the most loving home. thank you for choosing me to be your mama! i promise to give you 1000% of my everything. always.   Happy Twinning! <3 krysty   ps. check these items off your list:
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