Coffee Coffee Coffee… and More Coffee Please

Coffee Coffee Coffee... and More Coffee Please
Make Great Coffee at Home   No matter how you like your Coffee, there is nothing better than Hot, Fresh, Fragrant coffee at your finger tips in the morning, (or all day long for that matter). so, when making your own it is effortless, and also reduces the money you leave at the shop every day, having a maker at home makes perfect sense.   Choosing the right maker is easier than ever too.   No matter if you simply want  a French press or single serve coffee maker, or need something bigger, like an 8 to 12 cup Drip Coffee maker for the family. Of course you might even prefer the pure taste of Espresso based Coffees, like Latte, or Cappuccino made at home at a fraction of the cost of the shop down the road.   If you visit, you can get a full rundown not only of the top 12 coffee brewers  but for all leading options in each of the categories above. Some of these Coffee makers have options to brew small quantities (2-4 cups), all the way up to 8, 10 or even 12 cups, perfect when the family drops in.   I personally prefer to have a perfectly brewed hot coffee waiting for me when I wake each morning, and the easy programming options make that child’s play as well. If I have a morning full of things to do, I will use one of my disposable coffee cups, and head out the door.   If your looking at a machine that is cost effective, consider the Jura refurbished coffee maker. It produces a very yummy tasting coffee at a very affordable price.   One word of warning though, check the dimensions of the unit before you buy, the last thing you want is a perfect coffee maker that takes up so much room on your counter that you cannot leave it there where it’s easy to use.  Don’t forget the height either, make sure it fits under any overhead cupboards etc before you buy.   If you have any doubts about the right type of maker for you, there is also a helpful guide on choosing the best option.   Not only that, if you have any doubt about the savings to be made, compare what you pay at shop with the true cost of brewing your own at home. With a young family, I have better things to spend my money on right now than Starbucks, not to mention that getting to the shop is simply not as easy as it used to be with my little guys in tow.
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