Cotier Bags – The Hype is Real

Say hello to my latest obsession… Seriously. As a mother of twins I am constantly on the lookout for anything that will make life that tiny bit more manageable, so I was super excited to hear about Cotier! They make reusable shopping cart bags, and I can honestly say that the hype is real. When I took my new bag to the store for the first time, the experience quickly escalated from good to AH-MAZING. I opened it up to find that there was not one, as I originally expected, but four bags. Four HUGE cotier bags! I began my shopping trip with all four in my cart, but quickly realized that I’d only be needing two. Just to give you an idea of the size, here’s my two-year-old daughter in one. She fits with room to spare. So here are a few things I love about the Cotier bags There’s an insulated bag  That’s right – I said insulated.     This was a HUGE selling point for me; I cannot count the number of times that I’ve had to skip that “one last errand” after the grocery run because of the milk and cheese in the car. This bag is really a game-changer.               You can organize your groceries    As I was making my way around the store, I was genuine   ly so excited about the fact that I could organize my groceries: dry, cupboard foods go in one bag, while meat and dairy products go in the insulated bag. This meant that o nce I got home, unpacking the groceries was far less time-consuming. Yes, it’s simple – but so effective!     They have huge shoulder straps  I am honestly questioning why NO ONE has thought about putting shoulder straps on reusable bags before! Until now, grocery shopping has involved numerous trips from the car to the kitchen, with bags that areusually on the verge of splitting. With these shoulder straps, you can easily fit one bag on each shoulder, and one in each hand; so you’re essentially moving your entire shopping cart in just one trip. The straps are also a huge benefit for moms who will need to carry groceries and a baby           The quality is amazing  The bags are made of a durable, waterproof material and the stitching is extremely high quality, so there’s no doubt I’ll be using these for years to come. They also look great, which is always a plus! You can re-use ANYWHERE  The bags are not only great for grocery shopping – I can definitely see myself using these for shopping downtown, summer beach trips, and family picnics!     Last but not least, my bag boy was thrilled with this new system. He didn’t have to worry about double bagging heavy items, or holding the bags open – the bags sit perfectly in the cart so it was all done for him. He was able to fit all my groceries in with no trouble at all, and the process was over with far quicker than usual. He even said he wished everyone would use them!     With a happy bag boy, insulated milk, and a sturdy shoulder strap, my grocery shopping has just gotten so much easier!   Get your twin mom discount by clicking here!           
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