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A Day in the Life of My TwinGo

Do I need a TwinGo? Is it worth the money? How often will I really wear my babies? Will I be able to get them up on my own? What if I drop my baby trying to get him on my back?  Will I like wearing two babies? What can I do while wearing them? Is the carrier safe?

The early days: 0-3 months

My twins were fairly large for multiples, entering the world around 6 pounds each, and yet they were still too small, initially, to wear in the TwinGo. The TwinGo can be worn in the Front Carry position once baby is 10 pounds or at 7 pounds if the infant insert is used. I’ll be honest, originally, I did not think that I needed the infant insert. I figured that if I wore the twins as newborns, I would simply wrap them. I was, however, completely unprepared for the debilitating exhaustion that accompanies the early days of parenting twins…especially twins with GERD. After each nursing session, each twin had to be held upright for 30-45 minutes. So my schedule went something like this….change diapers (5 minutes), nurse babies (30-45 minutes), hold babies upright (30-45 minutes), pump (20 minutes), rest (30 minutes), repeat every two hours around the clock for three months straight. Plus, I had a toddler to take care of. I was so exhausted that I could barely function, let alone safely tie a wrap. One night, I fell asleep while holding a twin and standing next to their bed. I woke up as my knees buckled. The exhaustion is real my friends. My TwinGo was a valuable tool in the saving of my sanity in those early days and providing safe care for my infant twins. The babies could be worn upright (with the aid of the infant insert) after each feeding session, freeing my hands to tend to the millions of things requiring my attention between feeding cycles.

The days since the black cloud of exhaustion and tears lifted

Around three months, the weebles started sleeping through the night and I only had to get up once in the middle of the night to pump. Therefore, we all started to get more sleep and we slowly started feeling alive and interested in the outside world again.  The twins still had GERD and had to be held upright after each feeding, so my TwinGo still got used for that, but around three months we took it on its maiden “out-for-fun” voyage around the block. At this point we were still using the TwinGo as two separate carriers (the original version I ordered came with extra shoulder straps to make two separate carriers) as the twins were still too small for either of them to be worn in the Back Carry position. It was so nice to be able to quickly strap on the TwinGo and to be outside a moment latter.  No fussing around trying to carefully and safely tie them up.  The TwinGo comes with excellent safety features which are easy to understand, locate and use. The buckles are dual-adjust and each one has a back-up safety elastic loop. The loops are easy to find and simple to operate, even with one hand. Safety features don’t get much easier than this. I did not have to worry that I placed the seat correctly or tightened the wrap enough. I could simply snap the carrier on, secure the safety elastic loops, put baby in the carrier and waltz out the door. It took me less than a minute to do. Seriously.

Within another month or two, one twin got big enough to be worn in the Back Carry position. This is when babywearing really got interesting and, much to my surprise, I discovered that I LOVED tandem babywearing. For the first month or so that Baby A was big enough for the Back Carry position, he was still too small for me to use the TwinGo as a single unit. I found that I could get Baby B into a higher, more correct, position on my back if I wore each unit separately.  I would put him on my back first, snap the base carrier high on my waist and adjust the shoulder straps to hold him snuggly to me. I would then snap the attachment carrier below the base carrier and put Baby B into the attachment carrier. This way everyone was snapped in safely and correctly.

By the age of six months, Baby A was big enough that I could use my TwinGo as a single unit which I found to be the most comfortable way to use the carrier. I would put Baby A up in back, and then secure Baby B in front – it takes less than two minutes to get them both in place. Even now, 15 months in, for safety reasons, I still put back baby up while I am sitting down in my car, on the floor or on my couch. This is not a requirement and plenty of folks do this from a standing position, but it makes me feel better.  Additionally, I tend to leave Baby A in back despite the fact that Baby B is big enough for the Back Carry now as Baby A knows what to expect and works with me to get him on my back whereas Baby B fights it sometimes. I feel it is safer for us to be consistent in how we babywear.

My TwinGo gets used daily now.

So if you are looking at the TwinGo, let me answer for you the questions that I initially asked.

Do I need a TwinGo? Yes!

Is it worth the money? Yes, it is worth the money and then some. My TwinGo saved my sanity early on during those long days and nights of reflux and later it gave me the confidence to get out and enjoy life instead of being cooped up in my house. I’d have paid double if I knew then what I know now.

How often will I really wear my babies? That depends on your lifestyle. But if you, like so many Moms of Multiples, face reflux or GERD and if you like to get out of the house, my guess is you will wear your babies frequently.  The TwinGo gives you the flexibility to wear your babies in a variety of ways to meet your needs.

Will I be able to get them up on my own?  I’m a klutz and don’t have someone to help me get them up most of the time. If I can do it, you can do it.  I have never dropped my babies! I do take precautions, but I’ve still never dropped a baby. The step-by-step instructions that come with the TwinGo are very clear and easy to follow, and there are plenty of videos online to help you too. Practice and you will quickly become an expert!

Will I like wearing two babies? I think you will. I love being able to hold my babies and have my hands free to cook, eat, prep food, read, play with my toddler. I also like wearing my toddler! Two to three year olds still need a lot of momma snuggles and they sometimes get tired of walking. The TwinGo can support up to 70 pounds when worn as a single unit, or 45 pounds each when worn as independent units. My three year old is only 31 pounds; I will be able to continue to wear him in the TwinGo for some time yet and expect to be able to wear my twins for several more years as well.

What can I do while wearing them? Almost anything!  I don’t recommend doing things you would not consider safe to do if you were holding a baby…horseback riding, sports, etc. But, the list of what you can do is almost as long as your imagination. Imagine being able to go anywhere you want and have your hands free to do it!

Is the carrier safe? Yes! This carrier has more built in safety features than any other carrier or wrap I have used. I love it! Additionally, about a month after I purchased my TwinGo, there was a recall on a certain part of some TwinGo units.  The company was extremely proactive in reaching out to owners of the product and quickly and efficiently corrected the problem. TwinGo has the best customer service! They are exceptionally concerned with child safety and the quality of their product.


I cannot recommend the TwinGo enough. It changed my life and is hands down the single best purchase I made after having my twins. I promise you won’t regret your purchase. Now, go buy your own TwinGo and then go make some memories!


Ingrid McCullough is a play-at-home mom of three, business owner, educator, cook and survivor of six PCSs (military speak for moving), fourteen homes, two deployments, one overseas birth and one set of twins. She loves God, her husband and kids, hot coffee (the mythical unicorn of mommyhood), wine, chocolate and a good laugh. Never an overachiever, a day that includes a shower, clothes and three square meals is one that constitutes #Twinning.

Writer:Ingrid McCullough

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