Five Easy Tips To Keep Your Kids Learning Through Out the Summer

Five Easy Tips To Keep Your Kids Learning Through Out the Summer
There have been countless research studies that have documented how children lose much of what they have learned over summer vacations, but it does not have to be the rule. In fact, it is very possible for parents to help their children to continue to not only retain but learn while staying having a fun summer break. As we have already discussed, there have been countless scientific studies on children\’s loss of learning. In fact, it was noted by Harris Copper from Duke University “an average summer learning loss across reading and mathematics of about one month”, that is an astounding amount for any child. However, no children need to lose any information over the summer months. All you have to do is encourage your children to learn and have fun over the summer with five simple tips. Check these out and try them over this summer vacation!

1) It Begins With Reading and Music

During the middle school years, it has been shown that reading four books on average over the summer can have a major impact on fall reading levels. Take a break on those hot summer days and allow your children to enjoy a day in the air- conditioned library. Let them listen to some of the best-sellers. Or better yet encourage them to listen or play music to relax. There are a lot of great music options specifically for kids like violins, keyboards, or you can even check out the best ukulele for kids and beginners

2) Bringing Math To The Tables

One of the subjects that is hit the hardest over the summer months is that of math, which on average is almost three months! Go to the basketball court and practice multiplication by making each point worth 7 to 9 points. Have your kids pay for food at the drive-thru and encourage them to make change. Allow them access to Cool Math which has some incredible math games. Makeup math word problems on the fly, look for real-world examples.

3) Don\’t Forget The Great Outdoors

There have been many studies that have shown that physical activity has a positive effect on mathematics, reading writing, and general concentration. Try to find activities that are going to keep your child active for at least sixty minutes a day. It can be simple things such as swimming, walking the dog, riding a bike, or just playing as a family. Try finding fun and safe ways to stay active as a family. If you want to create something more structured, then a camp can be a good idea according to BAM Academy who provide summer camps in Austin.

4) Put The Pen To Paper (Or Fingers To Keyboard)

The vast majority of freshman entering college are being forced to take remedial level writing courses as opposed to remedial reading courses. Have your child write an email to a friend or relative on a weekly basis. Or take up a summer journal and write a paragraph on a daily basis. Simple things such as writing the grocery list are even ways to get creative. Or you can take things to the next level by creating a secret pen pal project between kids and adults at your church or other organization.

5) Do Good Deeds Daily

Taking the time for a little community service is a great way to keep children grounded and less likely to act out in social situations. Be sure to encourage your children to always be ready to help neighbors and friends. They can take the summer and volunteer with a group or service based project. Ask how they would feel to set aside part of their allowance for a charity of their choice. Nickelodeon\’s Big Help website offers some great ideas to help you and your child get started.
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