The Gift Box of Happiness for Horses and Humans

The Gift Box of Happiness for Horses and Humans
I was married to a ranch man. Although we spent the early years of our marriage away from the ranch life, we ultimately had to move as my husband took over the family business. My daughter who was barely two at the time instantly fell in love with the ranch animals. Her particular interest was horses. Horses are quite friendly in nature with the right people. The ones we had on our ranch quickly took to the affections of my daughter. My daughter has recently turned 6 and these years have been amazing to watch her grow and her love for the horses alike. Just by chance, I came across SaddleBoxas I was searching about horses. I really liked the idea of the monthly saddle box and my immediate thought was about my daughter. I just knew she will love it. What could be more precious than something fun for both my daughter and her horses? So I subscribed to 1 Month package with free shipping just to try this product out. The experience has been amazing and my daughter just loved it. SaddleBox is a great gift for horse lovers and here is my review:


I really appreciate that the shipping was free. Moreover, I was delighted that it arrived exactly within the time period the company had estimated for me. The saddle box arrived safely and without damage. The company had shipped it in a strong and professional packaging. I could easily open the packaging too and when I did, inside was exactly the box I was anticipating.

SaddleBoxAppearance of the Saddle Box

The appearance of the box is not extravagant. Because that comes from what the surprises are hidden inside it. It is a simple blue box. It is made out of fairly strong material so it looks all sophisticated and presentable.

Inside the Box

The Gift Box of Horses - Inside the boxThe saddlebox is really a box of happiness. I am really not kidding. If you have any kind of affection for horses, then you will fall in love with this lovely idea. The saddle box contains gourmet horse treats that are homemade, tools for grooming, and surprises for both the horse and horse lovers. What is even more fun is that it changes every month if you subscribe for the monthly delivery. So it really is a surprise every time. The saddle box that I got had canter cones. They were not only cool to look at but were actually enjoyed by the horse. It was fun to watch my daughter – so full of joy – feeding her favorite horse the cones. These were actual cones with sprinkles on them. I can’t wait to check out what arrives next. The company also offers bridle bites and mustang muffins, which look really nice from the pictures I have seen. To order your very own saddle box, you can go to the link provided above in this review. You can make a subscription for more than a single month and be joyed by surprises each time.  
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