How To Get Free Sample Boxes

Get Boxes Stuffed Full of Awesome Samples for FREE in the Mail!

Who doesn\’t love getting free samples in the mail? Well, imagine getting box-loads of them! Chalk-full of coupons, free samples, and sometimes even full-sized products. Yes, it\’s all free, but, you\’ll need to do a little easy legwork for them, like writing reviews, filling out forms, or even just tweeting. Quick! Check out these top FREE boxes of samples hotspots:

1) PINCHme

A good place to start is PINCHme. This free sample program ships out boxes of their customizable products on a monthly basis. Simply fill out a profile, so they know exactly what your preferences are, but make sure to answer all the profile questions to maximize your chances of receiving as many free samples as possible.

An interesting option they encourage at PINCHme is to submit feedback on their sample products. In doing so, you increase the likelihood of receiving even MORE free samples in the future.

2) Influenster

Are you a social butterfly per chance? We have one word for you: Influenster. Their free stuff program is simple: the more social you are, the more samples you get. That means, the more a person talks about and shares information about their boxes, the more free sample boxes they\’ll end up receiving.

The cute thing about Influenster is that their boxes always have a feature product or theme. Their ever popular, ever clever, “VoxBox” celebrates a specific theme, holiday, or season. How fun!

All you have to do is write reviews about the products you\’ve tried in order to get some free sample boxes. Once your box arrives, you can go online to complete certain tasks. Increase your chances of getting more of their stuff by continually completing those tasks.

3) Smiley360

Go on a Smiley360 “mission” by sharing on social media all about their boxes of free full-sized products and samples. Again, you\’ll need to fill out a profile as they base what you receive on your likes. Smiley360 also sends out surveys you\’ll need to complete for further missions. Accept your mission and receive an awesome box full of free stuff! Remember, more surveys equals more missions, which equals more stuff!

4) BzzAgent

BzzAgent wants you to spread the “bzz” about their freebies by sending you their sample boxes. Be in the know by checking out their site frequently and fill out any available surveys. You can also be deemed a “good match” for one of their sample boxes, which they\’ll send right over.

There will be some tasks to complete once you receive your BzzAgent box in the mail. It varies from posting on Twitter to talking about their products to a buddy in person. Increase the “bzz,” increase the boxes.

5) House Party and Chatterbox

In my opinion, the best place for freebie sample boxes is House Party and Chatterbox. They\’re super easy to get, and they don\’t oblige you to share online about their stuff.

House Party wants YOU to have a party by giving you their free stuff to promote a service, product, or, GET THIS, even a T.V. show! That box can contain anything from decorations, samples to hand out, products to try, and loads of other cool stuff to make any party a blast.

With Chatterbox it\’s slightly different. No party is required. Instead, they just send out their boxes of freebies for you and your friends to try. Ordinarily, it comes with coupons to pass out as well.

6) JustFreebies

JustFreebies offer lots of different samples and share a lot of the above sites when sample boxes are available. You need to sign up with them to be notified as to when you can order them since they do not advertise when they will be available.

Sign up to JustFreebies, it\’s easy, and request information on their boxes. Normally, once you order them, they take just a few weeks to get to you.

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