iOBaby Bumper Snake for your Cribs

There is so much talk about Crib bumpers these days. Which ones do you get? Do you get them at all? Do we love them? Hate them…? Do our babies love them? Hate them? I feel like I must have tried several versions and then removed all of them at some point.   I didn’t want to mess with a bumper snake until my kids could pick up their heads and roll if needed. Once that happened it was game-on. We’ve had these iOBaby Bumper Snakes for a little while now, and the reason I love them, is because the kids love them.   The bumper snake has been in our household for a while, and it has grown with the kids (now 2.5 years old). My favorite thing about these bumper snakes is that they actually serve more than one purpose. In fact,if your kids are as creative as mine they serve several purposes.   A cuddle buddy when they are sick   An awesome addition to the game of “Hide and Seek”  (She really think’s I had trouble finding her)   And Sister Bonding time bumper snack in use My girls sleep with these bumper snakes in their cribs, and they have become a form of security for them. I guess the crib feels less empty when they have the bumper snake around them.   I could have taken several cute photos of these bumper snakes in the crib while the girls cuddle them to sleep, but I am not about to mess with a sleeping baby with flash photography, so hopefully you can just visualize that one.   Here are a few other things we love about our Bumper Snakes   The fun color options The quality is phenomenal They endless ways to use them They grow with your kids     My girls give the bumper snake two thumbs up Purchase yours Here
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