Keeping your Baby Warm, While Keeping a Low Energy Bill

Keeping your Baby Warm, While Keeping a Low Energy Bill

Keeping the energy bill down might mean braving the cold with just a sweater, but NOT if there is a baby in the home.

While it is easy to get anxious about the budget, there are plenty of ways to keep your home environment comfortably warm even in the dead of winter.

Following are the most important energy saving ideas for families with health and budget conscious parents.

1. Body Warmth — During the first few months of the child’s life, body warmth is one of the best. They have been used to being in a very warm and environment right up next to Mummy’s heart, keep them close in a sling for warmth and essential affection — Yes, Dad can wear it also!

2. One Room at a time — heating the entire home can be costly and the baby won’t need more than one room, so just focus on that. Keeping a single bedroom at a balmy 16° throughout the winter is not a costly task.

3. Baby Bags — there are some very warm sleeping bags made especially for babies. These are snug and cozy about the body but allow the baby to keep their hands and head free. Keeping them warm but not too hot. Look for suitable pre-owned option before looking around for retail value.

4. Get Social — Rather than heating your home all day, head out to the baby drop in groups and parent centres near your home. You can find many entertaining activities that allows your baby the chance to socialize with other youngsters.

5.  Add Plastic File to the windows — a little plastic wrap to the windows can greatly reduce the draughts and keep the interior warmth up.

6. Draught proof around your doors and letterbox – consider any exterior opening a hole draining away your warmth and resources. Investing in insulation for the letterbox and doorway may seem like a minor investment, but will actually save cash in the future.

8. Keep The Warmth Insulted from Above – keeping the warmth from flitting out the top of your home is another way to keep things warm. This can be done for free or you can find help with these costs.

9. Energy Grants — you may be entitled to specific energy grants or other heating benefits. For example, Cold Weather Payment is available to those with Universal Credit. You could ask your landlord/ lady, for more information about this.

10. Change habits in your home – by looking to alter the habits you have in your home for greater warmth and efficiency, you invariably find many ways to improve your expenditure. A simple baking project produces incredible warmth and families huddled together on the couch swapping yarns and watching tele is another great way to keep warm in winter.

11 Energy company – different companies charge different rates, so you should try and compare energy tariffs to get the best deals.

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