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    Best Basal Body Thermometer for Tracking Ovulation!

    If you want to get pregnant definitely and surely, then one great way to do that is by tracking your ovulation. To track this accurately, it’s a good idea to get a basal body thermometer. A basal thermometer is a very accurate thermometer that can measure your body temperature and track any change, even if it is small. Check here details basal thermometer buying guide.

    Through charting your basal body temperature, you can tell when you will be fertile. You can be accurate to even one-tenth of a degree’s worth of change, so you can tell when you definitely are fertile.

    There are basal body thermometers which are traditional and make use of mercury to tell your temperature, and digital ones as well. Digital ones, though, are more accurate and are safer since there isn’t a chance of getting poisoned by mercury.

    If your body thermometer is digital, then it will only take a minute for the thermometer to take your temperature, so you can easily get the temperature of your basal body. It will also remember your last temperature, so if you forgot to write it down the first time, you can check and chart it.

    To get the most accurate readings with your thermometer for your basal body, you should use it in the first thing in the morning before you get up and out of bed. You should keep your basal body thermometer close to your bed so that you won’t forget to take your temperature right away.

    Try to wake up and take your temperature at the same time every day. It’s good to take your temperature within the same half hour every day so that you can get the right temperature. Usually, your body’s temperature can vary every hour, even up to two-tenths of a degree.

    When you know you are going to take your basal body temperature (BBT) in the morning, it is good to go to bed at least five hours before you are going to wake up. This way, you will get a good reading. If you can’t, then three hours is the minimum amount of time you can sleep before you take your temperature.

    It is a good idea to take your temperature the same way every morning. If you take it orally, then don’t take it vaginally or rectally the next day or the next week. Use the same method so that you can get an accurate reading and you can compare temperatures properly.

    If you notice a drop in your temperature suddenly, then it is a good idea to have sexual intercourse if you are planning to get pregnant. Some women have a temperature drop when they ovulate, so in case you are ovulating it is good for you to have intercourse to get pregnant. If you aren’t ovulating, then just keep charting your basal temperature.

    If you use your basal body temperature (BBT) and if you can act when the time for ovulation comes, then you can definitely get pregnant when you want to and control your body and family planning.


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