Milky Mate: A Revolutionary Self-Feeding Pillow For Twin Moms

How do you simultaneously bottle-feed your babies when you’re a twin mom and have a never ending to-do list? To put it simply: with great difficulty.

As twin moms, we are made very aware of the number of benefits that exist to feeding your twins at the same time: it helps to get them into a routine; it’s comforting for the babies; it allows you to get a little more rest, and so on. Plus, there’s nothing quite as heartbreaking as hearing one baby cry while you feed the other.

However, the reality is that feeding your twins at the same time is no simple task.

This is why I was so excited to learn about MilkyMate – a new baby cushion that allows hands-free feeding! I know what you’re thinking: it’s too good to be true. At this stage, you probably don’t even know what you’ll do with all the free hands. But I promise you, it’ll be a godsend for what can sometimes be a hectic feeding time.

MilkyMate pillow

MilkyMate: a revolutionary pillow that allows hands-free feeding

As moms of twins, our hands are always busy. Thanks to this milk-aid, you’ll have a spare few minutes to reply to one more email, make arrangements with your nanny, finish the online shopping you started a week ago, or maybe even catch a little bit of ‘me’ time.

MilkyMate self-feeding pillow

Your baby can move the pillow as they please

A safer alternative

One thing I really love about MilkyMate which differs from many of the market’s alternatives is that there is no neck attachment.

This allows your infants to move it around effortlessly, encouraging them to become more interactive, and develop the fine motor skills that will eventually enable them to feed themselves.

The bottle is also held in place with an elasticated strap, as opposed to a pocket, so you can easily keep track of how much milk is left.



As well as being the cutest, most lightweight pillow, MilkyMate is made from 100% organic and chemical-free cotton, ensuring that it’ll be kind to your babies’ skin!

If, like me, you can’t wait to experience hands-free feeding, visit

MilkyMate is made from the most soothing material for a baby’s skin

The MilkyMate Deluxe cushion retails at £24.99, with worldwide shipping. Learn more here.


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