“Of This Much I’m Sure” A Memoir About the Struggles of Infertility

"Of This Much I’m Sure" A Memoir About the Struggles of Infertility
National Infertility Awareness Week runs from April 23rd through the 29th. In light of this we wanted to cover an amazing memoir that really captures what it’s like to hold hope and love in the midst of infertility treatments. It’s heart-rending and true, and it presents a perfect opportunity to create more awareness around the experience and challenges of tackling infertility head-on.

Of This Much I’m Sure, written by Nadine Kenney Johnstoneof this much I'm sure (book) - A Memoir About the Struggles of Infertility


At twenty-two, Chicagoan Nadine Kenney meets her future husband, Jamie, while vacationing in Florida. She soon uproots from her home and family to join Jamie in suburban Massachusetts. Once married, the couple begins trying for a baby. Yet neither of them suspect just how tumultuous the path to parenthood will be. Unable to conceive naturally, Nadine embarks upon a series of infertility treatments that wreak havoc with her health, her emotions and her marriage — and threaten her life.  From uncommunicative doctors and internal bleeding following an IVF procedure to emergency surgery that leaves her with a six inch scar instead of a baby bump, Nadine endures nearly every trial and tribulation that infertility treatments often bring. All the while, she’s astounded that few if any doctors or couples dare discuss these. In what seems like a miracle, she eventually becomes pregnant naturally. But the horrors are not over: her unborn son is diagnosed with potentially terminal kidney complications. For the duration of the pregnancy, Nadine and Jamie must live with a profoundly troubling uncertainty about whether and how long their child will survive. Ultimately, Nadine is forced to come to terms with the stark differences between reality and the notion of “happily ever after” she once harbored, and to recognize that amid great unpredictability the only thing she can be sure of is the healing power of hope and love. About the Author Nadine Kenney Johnstone is author of Of This Much I’m Sure (She Writes Press, 2017), a memoir of her experiences struggling with IVF and illness, and the healing power of hope and love. Her work has been featured in Chicago Magazine, The Month, PANK, and various anthologies, including The Magic of Memoir. Nadine, who received her MFA from Columbia College in Chicago, teaches English at Loyola University and doubles as a writing coach, presenting at conferences internationally. She lives near Chicago with her family.
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