The Benefits to Formula Feeding

Life after babies is a whirlwind of emotions, ups, and downs. It is a beautiful chaotic journey pouring love into your life. We are faced with constant decisions as we navigate our new normal. Twin mothers experience a little extra havoc, but a whole lot more love too. 

One of the most discussed topics for twins is feeding. There may be benefits to formula feeding you haven’t considered. Regardless of what you decide, just remember that fed is best. 

Different types of formula

Yes, there are different formula brands such as Holle, HiPP and many others – but also different types. Some babies have sensitivities to ingredients, so having options is important. Luckily baby formula comes in cow’s milk, goat milk, soy, and specialized. This will ensure your baby has the milk type they need to thrive and supports even the most sensitive stomachs. 

Formula is easy to travel with

Traveling with twins may seem overwhelming but using formula can have its advantages. No need to worry about a refrigerator. You simply add your powder to water or open a premixed liquid formula. Toss your bottle, water, and formula in your diaper bag and go. Don’t forget wipes!

No need to carry extra supplies

As a mother of multiples, you are already stuffing your diaper bag full – even on short trips. With formula, you don’t need to carry additional items, like a pump, a cool lunch bag for milk, and milk storage bags. Just your bottles with water and formula. If using premixed, that is all you need! It makes traveling a breeze. 

Shorter, less frequent feedings 

We adore our bonding time with our babies. Every time you feed your baby, you get to snuggle and provide comfort for your bundle of joy. There are times when it is convenient to have shorter, less frequent feeding sessions. With formula, babies tend to drink bottles faster and fewer times throughout the day. If you are traveling with twins, this is extremely beneficial – it is already a busy time traveling with two!  

You can enjoy any food

You’ve heard of the mothers who can’t eat certain foods due to their baby’s sensitivity. It can be a challenge for the mother, especially when cutting out all dairy and gassy foods. With formula feeding, you can eat anything you’d like without worrying – go ahead and enjoy those tacos with cheese momma. 

Partner can help with feedings

Being a mother is exhausting – absolutely. Yes, we adore it, and it is the most precious time. However, even though it is wonderful, mothers still need rest. Every mother is exhausted, whether you have one baby or three babies. Your spouse can help with feedings, day or night, giving you a chance to rest. 

Feeding two is a challenge

Oh, the squirming sweet babies. They don’t always make it easy to feed both simultaneously. Keeping your little tumblers away from each other and both eating can quickly become your most exhausting task. Formula tends to be easier when feeding multiple babies. You can hold them easier, giving yourself – and them – a peaceful eating session. 

Leaking breasts and mastitis

Ouch. Mastitis is a common and painful experience for mothers. With feeding formula, you will not get mastitis and can avoid it altogether. Have you woken up in a puddle of your milk? Many have been there, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, not having to worry about leaking breasts, breast pads, and wet shirts in public is a bonus to formula feeding.

You purchase your supply

You never will worry about running out of formula. You just buy it as you need it. It is sold everywhere you go – online and in stores. It is easy to store, and you don’t have to keep it in the fridge at home or on the go. 

Potentially less stress when returning to work

If you are a working momma, it is bittersweet when returning to work. You may find yourself bouncing around questions as you return to work. However, your supply isn’t one of the things you need to worry about. You won’t need to find a place to pump at work, find a fridge, or count ounces to make sure you’re still producing enough milk.


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