Top 10 Tips for Traveling with Twins

Top 10 Tips for Traveling with Twins

1. Pack smart

Less is more. Except when it comes to diapers, food and onesies. You can never have enough of those. Pack them each a new toy, book or game to keep them entertained while you wait. Be prepared for the worst-case scenario: huge delays. The only thing worse than waiting for a delayed flight is waiting for a delayed flight with two fussy babies.


Make sure to pack all the diapers, food, baby clothes, and more in a lightweight, expandable travel backpack because you want all the room for all the essentials without having your hands full with a lot of bags to bring. Organizing belongings for both you and the twins is a considerable task, especially when aiming for convenience at the airport. While a lightweight, expandable travel backpack is essential for immediate essentials, opting for an extra-large suitcase with four wheels significantly eases mobility. With the requirement to carry diapers, baby clothes, and other necessities, having an extra-large suitcase ensures ample space without the hassle of managing multiple bags. The four-wheel functionality of this suitcase enhances maneuverability, making it easier to navigate through crowded terminals, allowing you to swiftly move around the airport while tending to your twins. Prioritizing ease of movement and spaciousness in luggage becomes paramount, granting you the flexibility and comfort required while managing two little ones in a bustling airport environment. After all, you have two little ones to keep an eye on all the time.

Top 10 Tips for Traveling with Twins
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2. Do your research

Make sure you understand your airline’s rules and regulations for traveling with twins infants to avoid any unwanted surprises before you’ve even set off! Each airline is likely to have different rules, so it’s worth checking each time you book a flight.

Always look for a coupon code before booking your flight. Some flight aggregators have running coupon codes available: example, Cheapoair coupon code, or Kiwi coupon code

3. Wear them

Go hands-free with a baby carrier. This takes the stress off navigating the airport or train station, since you’ll be able to walk around freely without the worry of negotiating crowds with a double stroller. Plus, it’s said that babies worn in slings are happier babies!

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4. Book flights around nap times

If possible, coordinate your flight with your babies’ nap times. You’re winning if your baby sleeps throughout the flight. 

5. Take an iPad loaded with their favorite TV show

If toys and books don’t do the trick, moms recommended taking an iPad full of Peppa Pig! It’ll take up less space, too.

6. Take your time

Staying on a schedule as much as possible will help to take the stress out of your journey. It’s important that you leave yourselves plenty of time, factoring in feeds, diaper changes, meltdowns, etc. The stress of rushing to your gate can take the fun out of your trip before it’s even started. It rarely runs according to plan, but giving yourselves an extra hour will make a huge difference.

Traveling with Twins
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7. Sit between their car seats

If you’re traveling with twins by car, it can help if one of you sits between their car seats. Your presence will help to keep them calm throughout a long car journey.

8. Know that it’s OK if they get fussy

Traveling with twins is stressful for us, so it’s no surprise that it’s not fun for them. Don’t panic if they get fussy. Be patient, stay calm, and do what you usually do. Try not to worry about passengers around you – stay focused on you and your babies.

9. Pack in advance

Organization is key! Don’t leave packing until the last second. Make a list of everything you need and start packing as early as possible (most moms recommend you start packing around a week before you travel).

10. Do what works for your family

What works for another family might not work for yours. Set your own boundaries and stick to them. Remind yourself to enjoy the experience! It’s challenging, but it’s so worth it. 

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