Twin Love Concierge Online Class- Photo Contest Sponsor

Twin Love Concierge Online Class- Photo Contest Sponsor
Twin Love Concierge are not only a partner, but also known for having the prestigious International Maternity and Parenting Institute certification. They have the best twin classes in the world for pre and postpartum Twin (and Triplet) families. From essential twin baby gear, preparing Mothers for a multiples birth through to breast/bottle feeding, sleeping and scheduling expert advice. They have it all covered with personalized concierge services. So what makes them so great?
  • Each staff member at Twin Love Concierge is a mom to either twins or triplets so there\’s no doubt that they know what you\’re going through. They\’ve experienced it themselves and know just how hard it can be. Not only are you offered the expertise on being a MoM (Mom of Multiples), but you also get all the support you could possibly need.
  • The classes they offer are personalized in such a way that all your concerns can and will be addressed. They currently offer the following classes; Expecting Twins, Twins & Sleep, Breastfeeding Twins which are all run by a renowned twin expert.
  • Their classes make sure you\’re not just prepared to take care of the twins and feed them, but also that you\’re prepared for everything revolving life with two babies. Things like what you should take to the hospital, what gear you will need, tips and advice to tandem feed, implementing a routine and schedule, and many more questions like this, are all covered in the classes. Additionally, your own questions will always be answered. This way you\’ll be as prepared as you could be by easing all anxieties and questions you may have.
  • After you\’ve completed the classes, Twin Love Concierge offers the possibility for ongoing support during your pregnancy, meaning that any questions or worries you have after the classes can still be answered by them. They would love to know how the rest of your journey goes!
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