10 of the Best Twin Strollers to Consider

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes baby in a baby carriage. Actually, babies in our case, in one smashing baby carriage. And here are ten of these rockstars from the twin stroller world.

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller With Rumble Seat
Versatility. Flexibility. Comfort. Fun. All of these are guaranteed with the VISTA travel system. It’s a stroller with bassinet and two toddler rumble seats with snack trays. The new Rumble Seat can be used rear facing, forward facing and reclined. The bassinet has a removable zip-out liner and boot cover, making them easy to clean. It also comes with a perforated mattress pad, and its base is vented. This adds breathability – a big plus. The VISTA is basically your twin baby stroller dream come true. It’s multitasking and allows for multiple combinations. Whilst one of your children is soundly sleeping (if that’s a real possibility), the other can very well be snacking comfortably!

UPPAbaby  G-Link Stroller
Another stellar contraption by UPPAbaby, the G-Link stroller
features side-by-side seats, but its footrests are independently adjustable. As is the recline, which can lead to 4 seat positions. Since you’re already juggling twins, the G-Link tries to make it easier for you – you can activate the recline with one hand, the stroller itself is easy to open, and it actually stands when it’s folded, the folding triggers are conveniently at hand-level, its frame is made of lightweight aluminum, and its removable canopy has a view window. The UPPAbaby G-Link carries supreme functionality and style – both of which you and your little ones deserve.

Peg Perego Duette Piroet Atmosphereo Stroller
This one’s a real beauty, but aesthetics isn’t its only charm. Its ridiculously versatile chassis has the commendable ability of holding either reversible seats, or car seats, or bassinets, in whichever configurations happen to float your boat. This is the ultimate twin travel system. The Duette Piroet features both agility and functionality. Plus it’s super comfortable for your tiny tots. And whichever combination you choose as regards seating, your adorable duo can cherish their ride in a variety of ways, because the seats can be configured to face their driver, the world or each other!

Peg Perego Book for Two Baby Stroller, Atmosphere
Another high-class stroller by Peg Perego, this time a side-by-side double stroller, the Book for Two is the most compact one in their range. It gets its name from its skill of folding easily inward, much like a book. Despite it being so compact, it can hold two car seats and still get you through those narrow supermarket aisles. And because of its capability of holding two car seats, you can use the Book for Two as a travel system even with your newborns.

Peg Perego – Pliko Mini Twin
The Pliko Mini Twin is yet another ace stroller from Peg Perego. Like its cousin Book for Two, the Pliko Mini Twin is a side-by-side stroller, perfect for twins. It’s also suitable from birth up to 36 months. Its chassis is constructed of lacquered aluminium, making it Peg Perego’s lightest twin stroller yet. And a twin parent should never miss a chance of lightening the load (both literally and metaphorically!) Not only is it incredibly lightweight, but the Pliko Mini Twin is also very agile and easy to manoeuvre – great for mommy and fun for little ones!

Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat
The City Select is Baby Jogger’s most versatile model. It satisfies your need for a travel system, a pram, and a single, double or triple stroller! It might actually be the only stroller you’ll need as your family grows. It gives you the freedom of mixing and matching seats, bassinets and car seats into over 16 various combinations, ranging from a combo of bassinet and single seat, to double tiered car seats. It also gives twin parents the ease of folding the stroller in only one step, as well as operating the parking brake with just a hand. Heaven knows you’ll need the other for whatever mischief your riders are always ready to get into.

Baby Jogger  City Mini GT Double
Baby Jogger have outdone themselves with this pearl of a stroller. The City Mini GT Double is chic, compact, and suitable for multi terrain strolling. If you’re the adventurous type and want to introduce your young ones to your idea of fun, this Baby Jogger model should be your choice of stroller. Jungle excursions? Doable. Forest expeditions? Completely possible. All thanks to the City Mini GT’s all terrain tires. And all this without compromising on safety and style!

BOB Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller
If you’re a sportive parent or continuously on the move and want to share your busy, active day with your little ones, then look no further. Whether you want to jog or take your tots to the beach, the Revolution SE Duallie is good for anything save off-roading – and even then, its incredible high-quality suspension could surprise you! You can rest assured that even in tough terrain your little adventurers will be enjoying a smooth ride.

JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller
This Joovy double stroller is seriously the bee’s knees. It features a new graphite grey frame and bigger wheels, making it all the more stylish and easy to . Actually, maneuvering two tots is quite a breeze with the Scooter, as its wheels have sealed bearings. Plus, the fact that this double stroller has double front wheels adds to its stability – an indispensable advantage when you have little independent toddlers climbing in and out of it all on their own!

Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller
Another Joovy masterpiece, this stroller is as savvy as they get. Not only that, but it can hold three young ones! Taking out one child could already be an ordeal – imagine three! Luckily, the Big Caboose is here to save the day. It’s easy to use and multifunctional. If you have twins and a third older kid, now he can actually partake in the fun ride. He can ride on the patented rear platform whilst your twins are in their seats. Or otherwise he can choose to turn around and rest on the rear jump seat, which is padded, making his ride all the more comfortable. The stroller’s big wheels make it easier on mommy to push all the gang. Basically, everyone wins with the Big Caboose!


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