Warning about your Baby Bump Photos- Preggophilia. Its a Thing

There is a fetish for just about everything, and pregnant women are high on the list.

PreggophScreen Shot 2016-05-21 at 9.20.57 AMilia is a fetish for people that admire pregnant women, and not only is it a “Thing” but it is a popular thing. According to SimiliarWeb preggophilia.com has had close to 400,000 visitors. There are plenty of women who like to engage, but then there are people who practice preggophilia in a shady way by being a predator in mommy groups JUST LIKE YOURS.

This topic was brought to my attention by this post in one of my Expecting Twin Mom groups on Facebook. It reads “This was taken today at 36 weeks 5 days….don\’t think my body can take anymore…Anyone else get to that stage where they got that omg reaction when they went out!”

There are almost 2,000 women in this particular group for “Expecting Twins moms” on Facebook, and naturally these women show support and start adding their own preggo bump photos to this thread. Several women flagged the post as fake. I HAD NO IDEA. This post did not have one red flag in my opinion. In fact, I see posts like this all the time in Facebook mommy groups. Apparently this photo has been seen in multiple places on the internet, AND this particular post is from a man named Paul Hagan who has been caught making fake profiles with the intent to lure woman to post their own photos at which point he will try to engage, harass, and use the photos to exploit women on preggophilia sites.

British Twin Mom, 25  who is an Admin for a Mommy Facebook Group confronted Paul about a year ago after finding an unusual profile with the name Afina. His response at the time was “I just love pregnant woman… what\’s wrong with that?” to which she responded saying that it is not ok for him to steal photos from women who believe they are sharing with other women privately. Paul then got defensive, and since then he has been stalking and threatening this woman for outing him.

Since learning about this, I have been trying to be extra vigilant as I also admin a few Mommy Facebook groups. It has been brought to my attention that he has almost 100 fake profiles. Here are a list of some that we know of:13233222_278724855804879_1505172587_n13236101_278724839138214_1265905638_n

When someone posts a photo in your mommy group, and is luring you to post your own- Please take a deeper look. A pretty big red flag is when someone has a profile that only has 1 or 2 photos, and/or is a completely new profile. If you are suspicious you can also try a reverse image google search.

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