Why demand for cannabis beauty products is on the rise

demand for cannabis beauty products is on the rise

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The beauty industry shows no slowdown even during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s not just because of the Kardashians. The reason is partially that everybody suddenly had more time to reevaluate their self-care routine, thus boosting a lot of beauty companies to offer something different. And oftentimes, this ‘something different’ has ingredients retrieved from cannabis. In this article, we’ll cover why cannabis beauty and care products gained so much popularity and whether they’re worth the attention they’ve gained. 

It’s Probably Because They Get You High (Not Really)

We don’t have to mention here Snoop Dogg, the whole hip-hop culture worldwide, and public discussion of legalizing marihuana to tell you that the cannabis world is slowly but surely entering our life and business in one form or the other. The thing is that the public isn’t educated enough on the issue and perceive this plant solely as a drug that will lead to addiction and “getting stoned”. It\’s time to dispel this myth concerning the beauty industry.

Any cannabis strain has both THC and CBD compound, and their concentration varies from strain to strain. So what are they about? To put it short, THC gives you the ‘high’, euphoric feeling, while CBD isn’t psychoactive though it helps a great deal with curing chronic pain, eating disorders, and others. Now, why are we saying it here, and what connection does it have regarding the beauty products?

  1. Beauty products DO NOT contain THC. Otherwise, they wouldn’t get state approval or went through the customs office if shipped from abroad since, in many countries, this ingredient is treated as a drug. What these products DO contain is CBD oil and extracts, and you can find the shampoos or face creams even at stores with kids\’ stuff. So what do you think… would the advisors allow the products that make a breastfeeding mom high to appear on the shelves? Nope. 
  2. Cannabis Beauty & Care items are certified and tested. This means that you won’t find pure CBD oil in any supermarket (except the countries where cannabinoids are legal) because it would have a high concentration of this ingredient. Usually, lotions, creams, and shampoos have it as a supplementary ingredient that goes after the main ones.

Now, let’s move to why there is a hype around this niche.

Because the CBD Oil Is Rich in Good Ingredients for your Skin

Hemp-based oil is a long-time favorite in many ancient cultures as a powerful source of soothing, antioxidant components for skin. CBD oils and infusions are high in anti-inflammatory ingredients and offer a long-lasting moisturizing effect (just what every modern woman needs). And we also know that not all moms are lucky to not having problems with their skin after pregnancy. As you can see from this list, you have a lot to choose from in every form you’re used to. By the way, it’s not about the face only. Here you can see that there are also lotions for sore muscles. Just what you need after your baby finally asleep, right?

Because It’s Cool

Smoking marihuana is a huge part of modern culture, and it’s so widely advertised and promoted that the residents of the states/countries that don’t have this right yet find other ways to relate. For some, this is the use of CBD-containing products. We hope they use them without expecting to get high because they wash their body with cannabis shower gel. Sorry, guys, it doesn’t work this way. 

Because It’s Good in Sexual Wellness Products 

A woman’s sexuality is a heated topic in general but no woman on earth wants their pleasure to cease after becoming a mom. And there are a lot of hemp-based products that can make it brighter. All those intimacy gels, arousal sprays, lotions, and other little things that you can use with your partner, and not be afraid of the negative side effects. Why? Because what CBD oil does is making your muscles as sensitive and relaxed as they can be when you enjoy your time with your bae.

Just One Last Thing

While there are many positive sides of cannabis oils in skincare and beauty products, if you’re expecting or breastfeeding mom, you should consult your trusted healthcare provider if you can use any of cannabis beauty products. While they are not drugs, if you’re intolerant to any ingredient or experience discomfort when using them, it may cause issues that can make your motherhood not exactly as you’ve expected. So we advise you to contact your physician before using these products. After all, the hype is just hype, but if this is not your thing at this point, why do it?

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