Reasons Your Kids Should Learn Coding

Reasons Your Kids Should Learn Coding
It is incredible to think of how far technology has come in the last decade. What was once a class SOME of us took in college, kids are now learning to code at the same age they are learning basic math and reading. Here are some reasons we should be teaching our kids to code.
  1. Code is the language of our future: In 20 years code will be a common requirement for quite a few jobs. By not teaching coding or encouraging kids to learn code, you could be limiting their job opportunities right out of the gates
  2. Kids can absorb knowledge faster than adults: By teaching kids coding at a young age, you offer the advantage of them learning quickly, where as adults tend to take longer to pick up the ability to learn a new “language.”
  3. Code is a great learning tool for problem solving: When learning to code, children are using parts of their brain that require critical thinking. Not only will your child learn to code, but they will learn to exercise their critical thought process, which will inevitably open other doors.
  4. Coding offers the ability to explore creativity: Coding is a language, and when a child can learn to write code, they can tell a story in a completely new way.
Now I am sure you are asking “where do a I start?” screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-8-42-04-amWe spoke to our friends at DevelopeIntelligence , who have trained over 50,000 people in technology over the last 15+ years. They gave us some helpful tips on helping your child get comfortable with coding.
  1. Load a Learn-to-Code App onto your iPad or Tablet
  2. Let your child explore the App on their own
  3. Ask your child to teach you how to use the App
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