Zoe Lightweight Stroller for Twins

Zoe Lightweight Stroller
Active parents of twins need options better than the heavy, bulky strollers that dominate the market; that’s where the Zoe brand comes in. While the Zoe brand is relatively new to the stroller market, its creators are not. They’re a small family company with a fashion design background that sought to create an inexpensive double stroller that parents of twins would enjoy. Their strollers have recently been renamed — this one was formerly known as the Zoe XL2 Best V2 and is now simply the Zoe XL2. The company’s goal is to provide an attractive and affordable option for parents of twins, and their newest model is designed with this in mind. The side by side stroller has a sleek, lightweight frame that makes it easy to maneuver and comes with various features that make it an excellent option for parents on the go. It can accommodate children up to 50 pounds each and comes with a five-point harness system and a canopy that provides protection from the sun and wind. The full size stroller also reclines to different positions to make it comfortable for both children to ride in with a cup holder and adequate space, and it can be folded up quickly and easily for storage or transport.

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Features at a glance

  • Disney-approved
  • Light (no more than 19 lbs)
  • Easy to manage and fold
  • Huge sun canopies with magnetic peek-a-boo windows
  • Excellent maneuverability with a full handlebar for pushing
  • Available accessories make traveling even easier

Size and weight

Parents want a lightweight double stroller, and stroller manufacturers are aware of this. This is the lightest general-purpose side-by-side on the market, weighing 19 pounds. It will meet all airline gate-check weight restrictions, even on American Airlines. In terms of comparison, most double strollers weigh around 30 pounds and up. This is a great choice for parents looking for a lightweight stroller without giving up features or quality.

Folding and carrying

The stroller is pretty small when folded. Some of you will undoubtedly be familiar with my restricted trunk space, so you’ll be relieved to hear that it fits into the trunk of most midsize sedans. The quick-fold is inspired by Baby Jogger strollers; simply pull up on the straps on each seat, and the stroller folds in half. It’s easy to do with one hand.


According to other reviews, the large canopy is usually one of the features that people like about the Zoe stroller. And they aren’t wrong. The canopy may be used to keep your kid out of the sun. What users appreciate most about the canopy is that it’s easy to modify how far you pull it. Another fantastic aspect of the Zoe canopy is that the infant has excellent visibility. The canopy sides aren’t fully covered, allowing passengers to look all around them. The top window on the canopy serves you well during strolling and provides a clear view of your children. The Zoe stroller’s storage basket is adequate. It isn’t the best, but it isn’t terrible either. Parents can fit their diaper bag backpack in it like they can in a jogging stroller, but it holds a lot more than umbrella strollers do. The basket material is the stroller’s weakest component though. Be cautious trying to fill it to the top and stuff things in there, as many do with sturdier strollers.

Final verdict

With a price tag less than most strollers in its class, this stroller meets or exceeds many critical criteria: lightweight and compact size, generous canopies, adequate storage, a stylish design, and excellent accessories. And there’s more! It’s a safe investment with its money-back guarantee. For less than $500, it has many comforts of a more expensive stroller. It won’t feel as robust or ride as smoothly as a heavier-duty model, but you are paying for maneuverability in this case. As a result, I wouldn’t advise using it for long walks across rough terrain, but it’s perfect for everyday use and errands.
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