5 Reasons Why a Consistent Skincare Routine is Important for Moms

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There is nothing more heroic to us than a mom who balances between her career, responsibility of raising kids and still finds the time to fit in a detailed and consistent skin care routine.

While it’s so inspiring to see women carve out that essential “me time” and treat their skin, we can all agree that it’s not a common habit.

In any case, moms tend to find themselves busy and held up by the hustles of the day.

As it turns out, however, dermatologists and beauty specialists are quick to point out that having a consistent skin care routine is beneficial to a mom’s skin.

Truth be told; your skin is among the largest body organs and works hard to protect your body against harmful elements.

Whatever skin care routine you adopt; consistency is key for its effectiveness. Whether it\’s applying a moisturizer or exfoliating your skin, consistency is of the essence.

If you are still not convinced consistency in skin care routine for moms is vital, here are five reasons it is, and something worth paying attention and time to.

Healthy Skin Takes Time

Committing to your skin is vital because it gets hard to fix it when it gets bad. While I’m not saying that it’s impossible to fix a broken skin, just that it’s quite challenging to get to the youthful quality, and it will take time.

And because of that, moms are always encouraged to practice long-term, and it\’s best started asap.

See, achieving beautiful and healthy skin is not a one-time affair and will not happen overnight but rather a lifelong process.

And if you want to look good years to come, the choice you make today will help that happen.

To develop a beautiful skin, you will need time and a consistent routine to provide it with the nourishment it needs to look at its best.

To do it, you will need to customize a skin care routine and ensure that you do consistently.

We Shed Skin Cells Daily

Throughout our lives, human skin is evolving, with skin changing or better or worse. According to Science Daily, we lose millions of skin cells daily.

Now, while men, on average have a skin approximately 20% thicker than that of women, the collagen content in me reduces at a constant rate, while on the other hand, the skin tins more dramatically, especially after the menopause and the effects are more pronounced than in men.

This is yet another second reason that underlines why females, and moms, in particular, should have consistent skin care to avoid the dramatic changes in their skin.

The constant change on our skin we experience is because new cells are continuously getting developed, while the older skin cells are wearing off.

The constant change means that the radiant and healthy looking skin you have today can instantly wear off, making you look dull and tired the next day.

To avoid this, you will; therefore, moms need to develop a consistent skin care regimen, and this way, you will maintain healthy skin radiance.

Better Skin Condition

Tasked with the responsibility of raising kids, a career at hand and fending for your family, the bustles of life can take a toll on a mom\’s skin.

Again, traditionally, appearance, more particularly the state of the skin is considered as the epitome of female beauty. In any case, beautiful and healthy skin signifies, fertility, youthfulness, and health.

Many of us have grown into the tradition of brushing our teeth daily because we know that routine teeth and gum maintenance is key to extending their health and longevity.

Now, if you are hoping to achieve the same and more for your skin, you should maintain a consistent skincare routine.

Sure, maintaining your skin might feel like an arduous task, or it feels like it takes long, but you should understand that consistent use of a skin care routine on your skin will help in treating the wrinkles, even out your skin tone, prevent acne and improve the clarity of your skin.

Consistent maintenance of your skin will not only keep your skin better but will also allow you to enjoy the benefits of a healthy skin condition.

Your Skin Will Work Harder for You

While this sounds cliché, when you take care of your skin, it will, in return, take care of you.


When you sleep, your skin “work” hard to regenerate. At this period, the cell turnover is faster, and this will allow the skincare products to do their job with greater efficacy.

Skin regeneration is even of greater importance in moms, and the female in general because in the event of estrogen deficiency in their body, for instance in postmenopausal women, it can dampen the process of skin regeneration.

If you are one who is consistent and have the habit of properly washing your face and removing your makeup every time you go to bed, your skin will have a better chance of rejuvenating itself. And on the other hand, the skin products such as moisturizers, lotions, and serum will better absorb into your skin.

Easy To Maintain Results

It’s always a good idea to consider a skin care routine like an exercise routine.

When starting, you are less likely to see any visible results, but once you are established, you will take notice.

The same case applies with consistent skincare routine. If you are consistent enough, your skin continues looking healthy and refreshed.


Are you now convinced that consistency is vital for the well-being of your skin as a mom?

Whether you are pregnant, lactating, or raising your young ones, having consistent skincare is of the essence.

And as we mentioned above, consistent skin care also signals a healthy immune system, and so it\’s a win-win situation for you and your skin.

Besides developing the habit of consistency, it\’s essential that you choose the right skin care product that works well with your skin.



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