Twin Baby Shower

If you are expecting twins, soon enough your whole world will revolve around them, so letting a friend or family member throw you a fabulous mom-to-be party is a great way to relieve a little new-parent stress and anxiety.

You might not have hosted a baby shower before, or perhaps you’re wondering how different a baby shower for twins really is – that’s why we’re answering the most frequently-asked twin baby shower questions right here!

Whether you’re a soon-to-be twin mom or you’re throwing someone a twin baby shower, you’re in the right place. In this article you’ll find tons of twin baby shower ideas to make it a day to remember; including, twin baby shower themes, twin baby shower games, twin baby shower decorations, baby shower gifts, and much more!

Twin Baby Shower Invitation

Organizing a twin baby shower is double the fun, but can be double the stress when you realize your options are often more limited. You may have noticed that twin specific baby shower invitations are not that easy to find. That’s why we were super excited to discover They have a twin specific line of invitations – we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorites here!  

Twin Baby Shower Themes

If you’re hoping to throw an unforgettable twin baby shower for a mom-to-be, a great place to start is by picking a theme. We’ve rounded up our favorite themes for boy girl twins, twin boys, twin girls, and even a gender neutral shower!

Twin Baby Shower Games

Games are an integral part of a baby shower, however, we’ve all been to baby showers where the games are either a bit stilted, gross or embarrassing for the mom-to-be. Make your shower one to remember (for the right reasons!) with our baby shower game tips.

How many games should you play at a baby shower?

It’s important to cater to guests of all ages, since you’ll likely have parents, grandparents, and possibly even young children at your twin baby shower. We’d recommend two to four games at your baby shower in order to keep spirits high but also save time for socializing, eating, and opening gifts.

Buy twin specific baby shower games

These scratch-off games on Amazon are a fun way to get everyone involved and excited about the two bundles of joy.

Buy the It’s Twins scratch-off on Amazon

Buy the Two Peas in a Pod scratch-off game on Amazon.

Read our top 10 favorite twin baby shower games.

Play crafty baby shower games

Allow your guests to show off their creativity with fabric paints and a plain white bib or onesie to decorate. This will get everyone involved and leave the mom-to-be with handmade keepsakes that she can actually use. 

Get personal 

Add a personal touch to your twin baby shower games by asking everyone to bring in a baby picture. The group can then guess whose baby picture is whose!  

Twin Baby Shower Decorations

From banners to cake toppers, make your twin baby shower extra special with these twin baby shower decorations.

1. Double the Love sign

Buy the Double The Love banner on Amazon.

2. Twice Blessed banner

Buy the Twice Blessed banner on Amazon.

3. Oh Babies cake toppers

Buy the Oh Babies cake toppers on Amazon.

4. Oh Babies balloon sign

Buy the Oh Babies balloon sign on Etsy.

5. Two Little Cuties photo backdrop

Buy the Two Little Cuties photo backdrop on Amazon.

Twin Baby Shower Food Ideas

Another important part of planning a baby shower is thinking about food! Yes, you’ll need to feed your guests – but don’t panic, we have some simple ideas that will please just about everyone.

With all of the game-playing, gift-opening and baby weight/length/gender-guessing, you won’t have time for a full sit-down meal. The key is to opt for quick, bite-sized food like mini quiches, sandwiches, cheese boards, scones, and fruit charcuterie boards. These will make a big impression with very minimal effort.


Twin Baby Shower Party Favors

Your guests have showered your guest of honor with love, so it’s only fair that you thank them with an adorable gift. Here are our favorite twin baby shower favor ideas.

1. A bottle of champagne


Send them home with a bottle of champagne. We love the ‘pop it when she pops’ tags – you can buy them on Amazon

2. Mini jars of honey


Since having babies is one of life’s sweetest moments, a tiny jar of honey can make for a great baby shower favor. Buy mini honey jars on Amazon.

3. Baby succulents


Baby succulents are a huge hit with baby shower guests. They can enjoy watching their new house plant grow and be reminded of your babies. 

Buy an assorted collection of live succulents on Amazon.

Check out our twin mom registry list for everything you really need to buy for your twins.

Frequently Asked Questions

While everyone’s situation is unique, baby showers are typically hosted by a close friend or family member. In traditional baby shower etiquette, it is considered inappropriate for the mom-to-be or her spouse to host the baby shower, as this can give the impression that their goal is to collect as many gifts as possible.

The host usually takes care of the baby shower planning and organizing – so the soon-to-be mom can relax and enjoy being celebrated with her nearest and dearest.

Baby showers for singletons are typically held four to six weeks before the baby’s due date. This is so the pregnancy is far enough along (in some traditions, it’s considered bad luck to acquire baby items early on in pregnancy), but early enough to avoid mom going into labor prior to (or even during!) the party. However, with a twin pregnancy, you can throw tradition out of the window. Aside from the fact that most twin pregnancies are delivered earlier at 32-38 weeks, the mom-to-be is likely going to feel uncomfortable much earlier in the pregnancy. We would recommend throwing a baby shower for twins at 26-28 weeks to ensure the shower is as comfortable and relaxing as possible for the soon-to-be mom.
The baby shower guest list is completely up to the host and the mom-to-be. You might limit invites to tight-knit friends and immediate family members, or branch out and invite co-workers, husbands and boyfriends – every situation is different and there are no right or wrong ways to throw a twin baby shower! It’s acceptable to provide the mom-to-be with a list of names to ensure that no one is forgotten about.

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