Airline Responsible for 50 oz of Destroyed Breastmilk

Airline Responsible for 50 oz of Destroyed Breastmilk
Any person who has ever breastfed knows that breastmilk can be the equivalent of “liquid gold.” It takes a lot of work to produce breastmilk. June 13 2016 Megan Marchand took to social media to describe how her bags of breastmilk were destroyed after the American Airlines wouldn’t allow her to bring it with her on the plane, because her baby was not with her. They stored the milk securely, and after arriving they found that these bags were cut through and ripped apart.
Megans post: Good to know that American Airlines could care less about feeding infants and babies…in Mexico we were told that we couldn’t bring over 50 ounces of breast milk through security because we did not have our baby with us (supposedly the only airport that doesn’t allow you to, so stupid) but whatever so we go back down to the AmericanAirlines ticket counter to check in the VERY VERY VERY secure bag full of milk. Package in milk bags and layered and tightly stored in multiple zip lock bags. Upon arriving in Dallas we find our bag in a huge plastic bag and absolutely destroyed. I am talking cut open with scissor or a knife cut out of the zip lock bags and milk dumped and everywhere….why in the world would someone do this AmericanAirlines???? Do you have any idea how much over 50 ounces of milk means to me and my child who I feed???? I can promise you the breastfeeding moms stick together and this will make them question your airline and staff as well….FURIOUS ????????
This could be the part of TSA separate of the airline. I am not sure, but Megan will be taking it up with the Airline directly, and we will keep you posted if we hear an update

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