Fun With Your Kids At Home

Considering Moving to a New State With Kids

As a mom, you may find yourself running out of ideas while spending time together with your kids. The following games can help you create a fun environment in your home.

1. Listening Challenge

This game involve exercising listening abilities.

You can play this game by collecting common objects around the house such as toys, books, pens and comb.

Make a sound with each item on a table and let your kids listen.

After running through all the objects, ask them to close their eyes. Then make another sound with each item and let them guess the right one.

You may flip the game around and let your child make sound with the object and ask you to guess while your eyes are closed.

2. Throwing Coins

Have more fun together with the coin throwing game. A player with a good eye-hand coordination is more likely to win. Your children will be excited to find out the best coins thrower.

To play this game, you need a plastic cup a lot of small coins.

Divide the coins evenly among you and your kids. It could be 5 coins per player.

Place the cup down and mark a point at a distance away from  it. This is where the coins will be thrown from.

The goal is to throw as much coins into the cup from that distance. The player with the largest number of coins in the cup wins.

3. Follow the Leader

As a parent, it can be challenging getting your kids to perform simple tasks but when fun is involved they will gladly cooperate.

The rule of the game is that players have to follow the leaders actions.

First, declare yourself the leader. You may clap, jump, sing and make faces and all players have to do the same. You are guaranteed a lot of humorous responses from this game.

4. Enjoy Challenge Games Presentation

If you would like to see more involved fun, you can watch YouTube videos about game challenge. Here you will find a lot of fun and humorous activities and you may adapt anyone for your family’s enjoyment.

Some moms dread days when there is enough time on hands but nothing to do with the kids.

But with the activities above, you need not worry.

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