How to Start a Successful Mommy Blog

How to Start a Successful Mommy Blog

Mommy Blogging can be really rewarding. This is one of the few things in life that you really reap what you sow. Its an opportunity to share things that other people might care about… and its also pretty therapeutic.

As a twin mom (or any mom for that matter), you may want to write “the twin mom’s survival guide” and offer it to other moms through your site. Perhaps you want to give advice to other parents about raising their children. Or you may want to post photos of your children so that grandma and grandpa will keep up with the family. Where do you go to start a Mommy blog?

There are several excellent platforms to start a mommy blog:  is one of my favorites because its easy to learn and easy to navigate.

Step 1. Choosing a Host

Starting your own website may seem like a big step, but in fact anyone can do it. Siteground is a company worth checking out. Thats where we host

Step 2: Register a Domain Name

A domain name is how people find you on the Internet. There are many good tips on the internet to choose the right domain. You need a good domain if you are going to stand out. You want this to be unforgettable, but, unfortunately, most short domains, such as “”, are already registered.

Think of some names that are rare, like JoansMommyCorner—names that are likely to be available.

You are going to want to update content regularly, and focus on articles that can help get your website to the top of search engines. Some people go as far as hiring a website promoter.


Step 3: Install WordPress

Surprisingly, you have your own website! How cool that is! Now it’s time to launch your blog. There are many options for blogging Mommy, but the one that is chosen by most people is WordPress. In
fact, WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. Best of all, WordPress is free!

Step 4: Build your audience

There are a lot of organic ways to build an audience using social media, but it can take time. One of the ways you can grow your audience in a quick and effiecient way is to use an awesome PR company  that has had proven success building a mommy audience. Konnect Agency is a PR company I reccomend as they have proven success. Its also very important to protect your online reputation 



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