Humidifier for Infants: Best Options and Safety Tips

Humidifiers for infants are important in nursery as it increase the moisture levels of the dry air, which as a result helps to decrease the symptoms like cold and congestion in infants.
Humidifiers for infants are important in nursery as it increase the moisture levels of the dry air, which as a result helps to decrease the symptoms like cold and congestion in infants. The portable humidifiers are of several types. Ultrasonic are those that use ultrasonic sound waves or vibrations to produce cool mists. These are of two types: warm mist and cool mist. The cool mist humidifier is more preferred over warm mist humidifiers for babies, as it reduces the chances of your child getting burnt.

How Cool Mist Humidifiers Benefits your Infants?

The cool mist humidifiers are soothing and comforting for people of all age groups including the infants and kids. These are the great devices to install in your home as it helps your kids in sleeping better at nights. These are considered as the best humidifiers for infants as well as toddlers as it produces less sound while operating at night. These are easy to use and are almost maintenance free. According to these humidifying devices are really safe to use for infants as it keeps your kids room cool and comfortable without any risks or worries. These also save energy and come with several incredible features like auto-shut off features and others to suit the children and the elderly of your house.

3 Best Humidifiers to Install In Nursery for Infants

There are several varieties of humidifiers out there for infants. While some provides specialized germ protection technologies with medicated steam others provide great aromatic environment along with proper moisture in the room. For your convenience we have listed down 3 best humidifiers for baby that are helpful in relieving their cold and congestions.

1-    Holmes Cool Mist Humidifier

First in our list is a Holmes cool mist humidifier which is designed for medium sized rooms and can run up to 36 hours per tank fill. This is a compact sized humidifier which is good for personal use in small rooms and nurseries. It also features an adjustable humidistat which helps in controlling the humidity easily. Unlike other models the filter of this model is also treated with antimicrobial protection and arm and hammer baking soda to avoid any sort of odor and hygiene problems.

2-    Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Crane drop shape cool mist humidifier features a contemporary, simple design and is equipped with ultrasonic technology. It has 1 gallon water tank capacity and can generate around 2.3 gallon moisture output a day. Whisper quiet operation works for 24 hours and help with cough, cold and flu symptoms. It does not need a filter for ultrasonic cool mist operation. Fill the tank by removing the drop shape water tank, loose the tank cap and fill it under the water faucet. You can buy this great cool mist humidifier for baby cold at Amazon where it is shipped in certified aggravation-free packaging.

3-    TaoTronics Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

With its 4 level adjustable mist control you can have the desired level of humidity in your room. The pre-set humidity will not be changed while operating and it keeps the room fresh always, especially when your baby is sleeping at night. This 1.35 Gallon TaoTronics Humidifier comes with contemporary looking 6-buttons touch control and precise digital LED display which makes operating the device much easy and comfortable. Note that, essential oils are not recommended to be used in these humidifiers as it can affect the functioning of the device.

Safety and Precautions While Using Humidifier for Infants

While both of the humidifiers (warm as well as cool mist) are good to opt for infants care that it can disperse minerals and microorganisms from the water tanks to the indoor air if not cleaned properly at regular intervals. Secondly tap water has more minerals that can cause white dust to coat surfaces of your house and scales to develop inside the product, which can breed microorganisms. This is harmful for homes with little children or infants, so distilled water is obviously preferred over normal water. Lastly benefits of using a cool mist humidifier in your home are numerous as compared to a warm mist humidifier. So you should most probably consider buying a cool misting humidifier rather than choosing the warm one. For those who are planning to buy a humidifier, it is important to check out its benefits in detail. This is required so that you can choose the most appropriate unit as per your family requirements.  
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