You know you’re a TwinMom When….

You know you’re a Twin Mom When….Most of us can agree that almost everything changes once you become a parent. Our relationships change, and the type of conversations we have with people change. You will notice that the same friend that you used to chat with about the “hottest club in Hollywood,” is now the person you call to talk to about your favorite non-leaky sippy cup. If you are the mother of Twins then there are just some extra things that come with the territory. As the founder of I hear twin parents talk about these same few things all the time. I thought I would put a list together for your laughing pleasure J   You know you’re a Twin Mom When….   You hear each of these quotes DAILY – “Two for the price of one.” “Double Trouble.” “Twinning.” “You must have your hands full.” “Do Twins run in your family?”   Your sex life is the topic of conversation- For some reason people feel compelled to ask how your kids were conceived. This question comes up within 5 minutes of meeting people sometimes. They will usually find a more polite way to word it – “Did you use IVF?” … “Did you conceive naturally?” I understand the curiosity, but I do find it unusual that people don’t think this is a personal question.     You have never loved your In-law’s so much–  There are days when Charles Mansion would be a welcomed guest in your house, because you need an extra pair of helping hands THAT BAD. Suddenly, your in-laws don’t look that bad after all. Your-In laws - Twin mom     What twins eat - You know you’re a Twin Mom When…. You don’t care what your kids eat –  You don’t have enough time, enough hands, or enough eyeballs to ensure your kids are eating organic, non GMO, gluten free, sugar free…blah blah blah. In fact, there are days when your kids eat right off the floor- and its ok, because at least they are eating.           You are tired- I mean sooooo tired. You haven’t slept through the night since the day your kids were born. tired - You know you’re a Twin Mom When….   Your house is a Judgement Free Zone-  Your house looks like a bomb went off in it at any given time. You could have a housekeeper come in daily, and within 5 min it will look like you haven’t had your house cleaned in months. In fact, not only will you have every single toy laying around, but as a twin mom you will have TWO of every single toy laying around. Free Zone - You know you’re a Twin Mom When….   The sweetest love- You will witness a love with no boundaries and a ton of amazing moments like these, and it will melt your heart every single time. Sweetest Love        
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