PouchBuddy by ChubChub

As a mother of twins, when I find a way to save 5 seconds in my day, it is like a gift from God.

My 7 month old girls started using food pouches about 6 weeks ago. I still spoon feed the girls, but at least once a day I find myself just giving them a pouch to suck on so I can get something done.

Having a pouch versus spoon feeding has a lot of perks, BUT it still gets messy. Even with a bib, we would have days like this:

(DONT JUDGE ME!)FullSizeRender (11)

I was on Instagram, and discovered these things called PouchBuddy  by ChubChubBaby. Of course I asked to try it. The owner was kind enough to send two my way. We tried them this week, and I was pleasantly surprised.

On top of being RIDICULOUSLY cute to watch, this pouch meal was a “no mess” situation.  IMG_7453IMG_7449

I know what you are thinking “Well, they are not rolling on the ground, like in the first picture.”

Boom – Check this out!IMG_7461

The Pouch Buddys are good quality, dishwasher safe, and easy to attach to every standard type of pouch (we have tried 3 different brands in the last few days).

You can also buy these on amazon- Just click here: PouchBuddy


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