Surviving Twin Fatherhood: 10 Top Tips from Twin Dads

Surviving Twin Fatherhood: 10 Top Tips from Twin Dads

Here are top 10 tips from Twin Dads to successfully survive Twin Fatherhood.

1. Rest while you can

Surviving Twin Fatherhood
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Enjoy every last second of sleep before the twins arrive. You will spend a lot of time thinking about all of the sleep you’re missing – so make the most if it while you can!

2. Be patient

Don’t be so hard on yourself, your partner or your kids – the reality is that bringing up twins is hard. Remember that every stage is just that: a stage. When you find yourself thinking “I don’t know if I can do this”, the stage will pass. It can seem overwhelming at the time but before you know it, you’re onto the next stage. 

3. Get your camera out

Surviving Twin Fatherhood 2

Enjoy these moments because you won’t be able to get them back. Take lots of pictures and videos of your partner, your twins, and all of you together. You’ll thank yourself later.

4. Have fun of Twin Fatherhood

Surviving Twin Fatherhood: 10 Top Tips from Twin Dads
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Twins are double the work, but double the blessing, double the love, and definitely double the fun! You will undoubtedly be busy, but don’t forget to enjoy it.

5. Have everything delivered

Don’t go to the shops if you can avoid it. Amazon will be your new best friend (if it isn’t already!)

6. Don’t buy two of everything 

Wait to see who likes what. They won’t necessarily like the same things; there’s no point in buying two expensive swings before you’re sure the babies actually like them. Plus, your twins won’t use everything at the same time, so you might be able to get away with just buying one. 

7. Don’t treat them the same because they are two different people

Yes, they are twins, but they are also two individuals. Don’t be disheartened if their needs are different. Also, try not to compare yourself to other parents – figure out what works for you and your family. Bonus points if you share your #TwinDadHacks with us…

8. Get stuck in

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Dive in head first! Just do it. Keep pushing through a task until the next one. Tasks are never ending. Get up, participate, get it done. 

9. Stick to a schedule

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Routines are key – especially when they are newborns. When one wakes to feed, wake the other. Feed them, change their diapers, and get straight back to bed. If they go to sleep at roughly the same time, you’ll have a higher chance of actually getting some sleep yourself! Having a friend or family member staying over 1 night a week to feed the kids and give you both a solid block of sleep makes a huge difference.

10. Teamwork is key

Remember, you’re a team – not just a mom and a helper. Communicate with each other to make it as easy as it possibly can be. Do whatever you can to support your partner. They have gone through so much, and continue to go through so much; hormones, breastfeeding and healing are a full time job, so remember to be thoughtful where you can. Twin dads, this is your time to shine.
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