Time to Save! Great Gift Ideas on a Budget

Between birthdays, teacher appreciation days, treats for the kids, and random acts of gifting, things can really add up!

Sharing the wealth and treating yourself, can leave your wallet feeling used and abused! If you were looking for 5 places that can help you spread your dollars further, then you, Momma, are in the right place!

Here is our list of recommended places to score great stuff at even better priced.

From Marty

From Marty is a brand new shopping and daily deals app.  Once a day you get the chance to be one of 10 people who win Marty’s Pick of the Day, for free! These picks can be cute stationary, kids toys, household items, or even watches and jewelry!  On top of that From Marty goes out and finds incredible deals, getting items for up to 94% off of retail!  The only downside is that sometimes shipping takes a while, but it’s kind of a nice thing almost? You know cuz I\’ll spend like $4.35 cents and then 3 weeks later something that I\’d almost forgotten about ends up at my house! It\’s like Christmas Day all over again.  Other wise From Marty is like a super hip, super inexpensive boutique that gives you gifts and happens to live on your phone! Check them out on the app store (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/from-marty/id1448636267?mt=8)  and the google play store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.armenarmen.from_marty)


Estate Sales

I want to say first off that going to estate sales is basically my last remaining hobby! You get to go into people\’s homes and see how they were living.  It’s soo cool, it works almost like a time capsule, giving you a first person view of what life was like 50s or 70s.  You can find great stuff too, vintage toys great mid century modern furniture and Kitchen Aid appliances going at cut rate prices.  Plus, whenever you tell someone that you went to an estate sale they will say something to the effect of “Oh wow I really want to do that” BAM now you have a new estate sale friend!


No longer is eBay just the place to go to get the last rare beanie baby you need to complete your collection.  The web 1.0 Auction site has transitioned into being a fantastic place to go and get unique collectibles AND great savings on normal consumer goods, with the added benefit of native PayPal support that lets you rest assured that you’ll never get scammed.  


People sell their unwanted gift cards at a huge discount! Have you ever gotten a gift card that you’re never going to use? Maybe you have a stack of Circuit City and Radio Shack ones sitting in a junk drawer? Well you’re not alone, lots of people are selling their gift cards for cash at a huge discount from face value.  For example, you can buy a $25 gift certificate at Einstein Bros, for $12!!! So that’s basically more than half off lunch right away, if you mix that with a coupon? Well then they are practically paying you!

Dollar Tree

Dollar stores are the go to spot for those of us on a financial diet.  True, some of the stuff can be of lower quality.  Side note, never ever buy seafood there made that mistake once, never again!  But for everyday household items and last minute stuff it can be a great go to.  You can get tin foil, baking sheets, and the like for waaaay less than their equivalents at the grocery store.  Plus it’s a great place to go get silly stuff for kids birthday goody bags and the like. And again, so many things there are just a buck!

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