3 Tips On Capturing Great Videos of Your Kids

Children are usually the stars of the show when it comes to filming in the creative industry or even home videos, and this is largely due to their natural charm and lack of inhibitions. But, despite their talent, in order to get great videos of them, there needs to be some skill on your part as well.


There are definitely some tricks of the trade when it comes to getting fantastic shots of children and, to help you on your way, below are three of them.


Plan your filming time around their schedules

No one wants to be filmed when they’re not quite feeling on top form and children are no exception to this. Because they can’t regulate their energy levels like adults can, children are often all over the place in terms of their liveliness and animation; they can be perfectly chirpy one moment and then have a tiredness-induced tantrum the next.


This is a particularly important point to keep in mind when you’re filming younger children. For example, if you’re taking videos of children who still need regular naps throughout the day, it’s absolutely crucial that you don’t schedule filming time during that period of the day.


Being mindful of when the children are at their most content will help you to get the best out of them on camera.


We spoke to Filming With Kids who said: “Getting the best out of kids on camera requires careful consideration of their schedules. The best way to do this is to spend time with the child before you begin filming with them so that you can get to know any patterns in the fluctuations of their energy levels.”


Get down to their level

It goes without saying that children are usually small and, as obvious as it sounds, you should bear that in mind when you’re filming them. To get the best shots of them, you need to be aware of perspective and the most effective way to do this is to get down to their level.


Don’t be afraid to lie down next to them or crouch down to their height – some of the best shots of children come about when their eyes are level with the camera lens. This will help you to fill the frame with the children instead of you towering over them, getting shots in which they look far away.


For more on the technical side of shooting children, check out this in-depth article.


Take good care of their basic needs

If you want to get the best videos possible out of your little superstars, you need to ensure that all of their basic needs are fulfilled. This includes feeding them and making sure that they’re comfortable, well-rested, and adequately entertained when the camera is off.


Offer healthy but child-friendly snacks to keep their hunger satiated and their energy levels up and, as mentioned above, pay close attention to when they’re going to need a break from being on camera.




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