5 Must Have Apps From Pregnancy to Baby


Baby Heartbeats: Listen to your baby’s heart wherever you are

Would you like to listen to your baby’s heartbeat? Every new mother or father wants to! For those who can’t be without the sound of their baby’s beating heart, there are a lot of mobile apps which you can easily turn into a baby heartbeats monitor.

The truth is that these apps don’t always work perfectly. The reason for this is that mobile phones are less sensitive than other (expensive) monitoring systems. So if you want to listen to your baby’s pulse without spending a fortune, download for example this baby heartbeats app and try it for yourself.

Baby Names: Rosamunde? Edward? Or …?

There are some people that immediately know the names of all their babies ad there are those who don’t know until the very last moment.

That’s just how life goes. If you’re undecided and still don’t know the name of your future baby, give this baby naming app a try. It will help you choose from thousands of names from various name categories based on origin and meaning.


Baby Monitor: Be there when your baby needs you

It’s not just a phrase! Everybody wants to be there for their crying baby to help and comfort the little bundle of joy. But it is understandable that you have to go to the bathroom or cook something occasionally. You can’t be with your baby all the time.

For these cases, let us introduce you to a mobile baby monitor. A mobile baby monitor is a cheaper (and handier) alternative for classic standalone devices. For example, try Annie Baby Monitor. 

Baby Journal: All milestones, one place

We know you have a lot of beautiful memories connected with the growing of your baby. But we also know you are not able to keep all these moments in your mind. In the past people used classic printed albums.

Today we have mobile apps which help us to collect all the milestones in one place. We recommend you to try Baby Journal by Annie . This app easily helps you to save the pictures, videos or other milestones such as the first day of school or the first lost tooth. Don’t be afraid, it is secured perfectly.

Relax Melodies: Music is my best friend!

We’ve all been there. You’re completely exhausted, it’s the middle of the night, and your baby just won’t stop fussing and crying.

Next time try playing your baby some relaxing music with this Melody app made to help babies sleep. We can’t promise you it will work perfectly but… better try it than to lose the chance for a calm slumber, right?


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