Favorite Keepsakes to Save Memories Forever

Favorite Keepsakes to Save Memories Forever
When I was pregnant with my twin girls I swore to myself that I would document everything, and keep a journal, and take photos of every milestone. HOWEVER after they were born, I found it impossible to take the time to create memories when I was trying to figure out HOW TO SURVIVE. How could I be expected to journal when I was focused on feeding, and changing, and feeding, and changing and more feedings. The chores were endless.   I think back now, and I wish I would have made the time. I wish I could have more treasures of my babies as babies so that I could keep that forever.   Keepsakes are more important than I ever thought. I can’t EXPRESS IT ENOUGH. In the midst of being tired and feeling like you don’t have the time- please do yourself a favor and TRY.   I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite keepsakes. These are things that are easy, and not too expensive.

Natural Clay Baby Footprint and Handprint Casting Frame Package

My favorite thing about Natural Clay Baby hand print - Favorite Keepsakes to Save Memories Foreverthis is that its EASY and not messy. Taking a clay print of your baby’s hand or foot allows you to keep a piece of your baby forever while they grow up. It is very special to see when they are older, and you can’t believe how big they have grown. Make sure to use a proper kit like this one so you can be sure the clay is safe to use for your precious little one(s). This is also a great present to give to grandparents. Ink Baby Hand and Footprint- Ink Baby hand and foot printsI like this one because it is specifically designed to take no more than 10 minutes. Its an all in one kit. Again, no need to shop for things in multiple places, or create an entire art project. Just easy and simple to do. I love the idea of buying 3-4 kits at once and handing these out as gifts for the grandparents as well.         Tooth and Curl Box Keepsake Another easy favorite is this already made BEAUTIFUL fairy tale chariot that gives you two compartments to save your babies first tooth and your babies first curl. I love this concept because its easy, and something you can always look back on to remember what your baby as a baby. Tooth and Curl Box Keepsake - Favorite Keepsakes to Save Memories Forever Baby Keepsake Box When all else fails a keepsake box is a great way to hang on to memories without spending too much time. If you have something special like  your babies “first socks” or the blanket you brought your baby home in; a keepsake box is a special place to store all of those things. My mother in-law gave me the idea of keeping a box like this and giving it to my baby when she gets married one day. I love that idea. Baby Keepsake Box These are just a few of my faves, but there are other great ways to have keepsakes that don’t take a lot of time. The internet has a lot of custom ideas. Just do yourself a favor and really try to make time to capture important moments so that you have something to keep forever.
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