8 Benefits Mustard has for Babies

8 Benefits Mustard has for Babies

We all love mustard. It makes our foods more flavorous and delicious, giving them bright aroma and taste. But parents of babies often face the common problem: at what age is it safe to start incorporating this spice to their kids’ food? Is it safe to feed mustard to babies at all?

Surprisingly, but mustard is not only safe, but it also has plenty of health benefits that will contribute to your child’s health in the future! Mustard seeds can be added to the baby’s food starting from the age of eight months, and the amount of them must be very little just to flavor the dishes.

Also, we would recommend you to get acquainted with the most common types of mustard to know which sorts of this spice will be too hot for a baby.

And now, how can it be useful?

 1. Improving of digestions

When a baby is introduced to the new foods, its body must get used to lots of new elements it receives. Mustard can help it improve metabolism and get rid of the unnecessary fats that accumulate in the digestive channel due to the antioxidants it contains. 

2. Makes respiratory health better

Mustard seeds are good for curing common cold and sinus due to their anti-inflammatory qualities.

3. Mustard relieves muscle pain

At the stage of early development, babies often suffer from growing pain or other kinds of muscle pain due to the excessive stress of the growing body. When adding mustard seeds to the baby’s food, we contribute to the proper blood circulation and the reduction of pain in general.

 4. A home therapeutic remedy

These seeds are known for their multiple therapeutic abilities such as fighting migraine, contact dermatitis, and even preventing cancer! 

5. It keeps heart strong

This spice has the ability to protect the baby’s heart from arrhythmia, ventricular enlargement, and various heart diseases. Since our children begin to be exposed to the bad effect of junk food and polluted air from the very birth, it is important to ensure their heart is out of risk.

6. Cast the worms away

Mustard is a well-known anti-bacterial remedy so, if your kid is suffering from worms, add this spice to his/her food to keep your child’s gut clean.

7. Makes the hair grow

If your kid still has thin and weak hair, think of adding mustard to his/her daily eating. It contains minerals that make our teeth stronger and our hair thicker and healthier.

8. It makes the skin better

Regular consumption of mustard will make your child’s skin healthier and far less predisposed to infections and skin diseases. 

How to add mustard benefits to my baby’s food, you may wonder? Well, since mustard seeds have no side effects on babies and elder children, it can be easily incorporated into their food. Add it to the soups or other liquid and/or paste0like foods mixing in no more than ¼ of a teaspoonful.

However, we still suggest you ask your family doctor whether this spice is 100% safe for your kid. 

Take care!

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