5 reasons you’ll love YouTube’s Science Gus

5 reasons you'll love YouTube's Science Gus

YouTube is an invaluable resource, providing everything from makeup tutorials to DIY videos. In recent years, there has been an influx of content curated specifically for kids, making YouTube a primary free source of educational entertainment. The latest offering we’ve discovered is Science Gus: a science channel made for kids by kids. Here are 5 reasons you’ll love Science Gus as much as us!

1. It’s child-focused

Science Gus sets itself apart from many other science channels that are led by adults. It provides the opportunity for you and your family to learn science through the eyes of children; this is extremely beneficial when you’re keen to keep your little ones engaged with science!

2. The experiments are simple & accessible 

Science Gus uses ingredients that are easy to find for his experiments. There’s no need for lots of prep work or a trip to the store since most of the essentials will be found in your kitchen!


3. It sparks curiosity

The experiments encourage kids to think outside the box. Whether it’s how to make a bouncy egg, or how to ‘scare the pepper away’, there’s a fun (and totally adorable!) experiment for everyone to try.

4. It’s hands-on

There are a number of benefits to hands-on learning. It allows children to observe the results of their experiments and ultimately rely on evidence. It encourages them to be independent and be more confident in decision-making. Overall, it’s a fun and safe way to help them to engage and learn!

The whole family can get involved

It’s the perfect way to learn, have fun, and spend quality time with the family. Watch the moment Science Gus’ 90 year old Grandpa discovers slime for the first time!


Subscribe to Science Gus today: www.youtube.com/c/ScienceGus

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