5 DIY Home Improvement Projects For the Whole Family to Enjoy

Walking into the same home that hasn’t been updated or modified in forever can be a drag. As time changes, families grow, and personal tastes evolve, your home should positively reflect these transformations. Whether you are looking for a chic, attention-grabbing, spunky, or personal renovation for your home, there are many DIY home enrichment projects and ideas that any size family – or single household – can accomplish!

Decorate the Nursery

For families or single parents who recently had a baby, you can improve the aesthetics of the home by decorating or designing the nursery. Start by hanging a personalized gift on the wall like a painted clay picture of the baby’s hand prints. Or, when having decided on a theme, match the wall trimming and miscellaneous items such as blankets, lamp shades, items able to be color coded, and more to make your little one’s room look right out of a magazine. To really make the room stand out, you can build your own themes like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Strawberry Short Cake and other designs not commonly found in nursery sets conventionally sold at stores. To add a final touch to the room, bling-up the ceiling with items like glow-in-the-dark stars, hanging tissue pom poms, or a personalized painted mural to bring the room together with an elegant, snazzy touch.

Reorganize and Restore Rooms

Do you have an old den room connecting to the side of the house? You know, the one that you like to use as storage for junk? That forgotten room can be turned into an exciting family or relaxing sun room. Take out the crap and do some serious cleaning! Have the kids wipe windows and carry out small things. When the room is like new again, load the family into the car – or just yourself – and go shopping! Purchase furnishing and decorative elements to convert the free space into the room you want. Need a reading room? Bachelor pad? Kid activity center? Arts and crafts room? An office? Now you got it! This innovative living space can host flashy parties or capture priceless moments during family get-togethers. The possibility is endless!

Grow A Family Garden

Gardening is not only a fun way to spend family bonding time but it also teaches kids valuable lessons and skills. You can give kids their own little section or pot to plant the kind of flowers they would like. Or, plant flowers in a circle or square to create a space for them to sit in and enjoy the fresh air. If the kids have outgrown their sandbox, repurpose it to plant fruits and vegetables the kids would like to eat. It is important that you make sure their hard work turn successful by placing their projects where they can get the best amount of sunlight and ensuring plants are watered enough. Encourage and applaud them – even brag about them when showing off the garden – to boost their self-esteem and desire to work for achievement.

Before you begin, you should explain safety rules to children. Such rules can include not handling certain tools unsupervised and washing dirt and chemical agents off their hands. Safety is most important!

Install Solar Lamps

Reconstructing the outer lightening of your home is a slick technique to make your home voguish even during the night and possibly help deter someone from breaking in. Solar lamps come in a variety of styles to match the home’s personality and will be fun to pick out. If you have kids, they can get involved not only with choosing the lamp type but also in deciding where the lamps will be placed. Adults can also arrange them to highlight backyard features like pools, decks, and hot tubs for summer night fun! Illumination in the dark always brings the party to life for dancing and jazzy entertainment!

Dazzle the Fireplace

Liven up the living room by brightening the appearance of the fireplace since it is the room’s focal point. Without taking much effort, you can find decorative pieces that complement the room’s theme and systematically arrange them on the mantle; a fun project for newlyweds who want to personalize their love nest. Parents can hang the kids’ homemade crafts; keeping the children both preoccupied in making the crafts and proud to use them in home improvement activities. A traditional peachy project is to hang photos above the fireplace; both classy and family oriented. Please keep in mind that having flammable items, like decorative materials, can lead to serious issues; such as damages caused by accidental fires. Visit waterdamagerestorationdallastexas.com for more information.

The only thing that can put a damper on home improvement activities is unexpected surprises like mold and water damage. If you find this happening to you, contact us at water restoration in Dallas, Texas for professional support

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