Getting the Kids to Enjoy Gardening

Getting the Kids to Enjoy Gardening
Are you looking for a helpful and fun family activity that will delight your kids and make them busy? If yes, you may want to consider gardening with kids. Aside from being a fun activity, gardening is a powerful educational tool. Working in a garden, a kid could experience the satisfaction that stems from caring for something, while observing the cycle of life. You should consider these tips to keep your kids engaged

Give them their own garden beds

No matter whether you use containers raised beds or ground plots, give each child his/her own separate plot. Make sure the plot is really small for kids. Position their plots in the middle of the action with the best light and soil to ensure their success.

Reuse the sandbox

If your kids have grown past to the sandbox, try to convert the old sandbox to a garden bed. This provides your kids with ownership of a particular space and garners a sense of responsibility to the garden project. If growing conditions are not very ideal, you may need to relocate the sandbox for effective gardening with kids.

Provide them with real tools

It may be a bit difficult to find good tools for children, especially gloves that fit perfectly in small hands. However, try hard to find ideal tools for young kids. Also, let them use your own tools if a need arises. In this way, you will be acknowledging the importance of their work.

Engage them throughout the process

Kids tend to learn better when they are able to understand the context of their activity. Aside from planting and nurturing, allow your kids to do the harvesting and preparation of crops by themselves. With proper understanding and engagement, they will learn that gardening is much more than fun; they are actually contributing to the well-being of their family.

Start with the seeds

Kids will learn more by looking at the growing process when it begins from seeds. Sprouting and nurturing young seedling are an integral part of gardening with kids. Start with the seeds indoors and transport them to garden beds once they are ready. Another method is by getting your kids a grow kit like a mushroom spray and grow kit to learn how a fungus grows. It is easy to set up and maintain, making it perfect for kids and gardening beginners.

Do some prep work behind the scenes

While you should allow your kids to do most of the garden work on their own, you need to help a little behind the scene. All garden tasks are not easy for kids. You may want to pick a few slugs off the lettuce and move the sprinkler by yourself. These chores are not easily manageable by kids.

Decorate your garden

The best time to engage your kids in gardening chores is when they are in a good mood. When the garden chores become boring, help them to build a scarecrow. You can also use lights. This activity adds another layer of interest in gardening with kids. Also, it reminds your kids about the importance of crops and their protection from predators. There are so many ways to do this, and keep it cost effective- so don’t forget to save money with solar flagpole lights

Applaud them along the way

While giving “garden tours” to your buddies and relatives, don’t forget to show your children’s beds. Snap a picture of your children’s harvest and send it to their grandparents. The applause given to their work will motivate them to stay engaged and involved with the project as they learn a lot of things about nature. Gardening with kids can be a great way to spend quality time with your family. Apart from relaxation and rejuvenation, gardening allows you to teach your kids how to care for something and understand the cycle of nature.  If you lack info on gardening with small children, follow the above tips and you are on your way to educating your kids the basics of nature while relaxing with your loved ones.
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