How to Start Going Outside Again With Twins

Start Going Outside Again With Twins

Of all the many challenges that accompany twin parenthood, introducing the little ones to the outside world is certainly near the top of the list. New parents may find that the advice found in a number of your baby books may not cater to dealing with two babies in the big, wide world. And that’s exactly why we’re here: to fill in the gaps. Read on if you’re looking to start going out and about with your twin babies.

1. Invest in an active double pram

It’s important to keep outdoor experiences feeling safe and positive for your bubs, which is why we recommend you start searching for some double prams that may be suitable for you and your little family’s needs. Be sure to consider features like the pram’s storage compartments, flexibility in positioning and setup, the materials used in its design, and finally its brake system. You want to be well-acquainted with all the ins and outs of your pram well before you take it out. 

Generally, active prams are recommended for their ease of control and greater storage flexibility. It’s also wise to see if you can find a model that comes with or is able to be fitted with a few different canopies, to be used in different weather conditions. Do some window shopping online, but be sure to also head to your local baby shop if you have any technical questions.

2. Start with short, circular routes

Now that you’ve got your pram, you’re probably rearing to take it on a nice, long nature walk, and you will in due time! For your first two weeks, however, you should aim at simply walking around your block, or mapping out some other short, circular route close to home just in case either of the bubs start to fuss. Try to schedule your walks at the same times each day to ensure that your babies aren’t hungry or sleepy, effectively minimising the risk that they do fuss. Prepare your pram for the trip by stocking it with wipes, some food, and a comfort item or two, just in case the babies need a little TLC.

After a few successful strolls around the block, you can try taking your babies visiting or even on lengthier walks or jogs! Pack your pram based on the type of outing you’ve organised. 

3. Add outdoor time to your daily routine

If your babies have been responding positively to their short routes, it’s time to start adding lengthier bouts of outdoor time to their daily routine. Try and mix up their allocated active time with playdates, strolls, jogs, and visits to keep things feeling fresh and enriching. 

Once your little ones have gotten into the hang of organised outdoor time and are fussing less and less within their schedule, you can even try organising some road trips! Utilise your weekends as best you can here by scheduling some trips to the country or to the aquarium, and other family-friendly destinations. Don’t be disheartened if there’s a bit of crying along the way! This process requires a bit of patience and leniency, and no doubt the smiles and giggles and fresh family memories should more than make up for a tear or two.

4. Invite friends and family along

Outdoor time should be associated with socialising and play. Establishing outdoor time as time that your little ones will also get to spend with friends and family, will not only help to keep being outside a positive experience but may also help softly introduce your babies to the idea of daycare and preschool. It’s best to start with familiar faces like grandma and grandpa, and any older siblings or other friends and family members who have been in and out of the house since you first took your little ones home as newborns. When they’re feeling more confident in the outdoor world, you can try heading out on more demanding outings like hikes, and furthering your own active journey post-pregnancy.


Once your babies are both feeling comfortable, feel free to encourage them to engage in more independent play and exploration, and watch them blossom from babies into inquisitive toddlers! 

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