With new handheld devices, video games, apps and other forms of technology introduced to the world every day, parents are beginning to wonder how to properly balance the lives of their young children. To develop properly, both mentally and physically, children need to experience the perfect balance of life experiences.

In recent years, parents have begun using technology to assist with their child’s development. While not all technology is detrimental to the growth and development of a child, parents should be mindful of their child’s daily activities.

Expert and award-winning author, Kathy Walsh, recommends incorporating the concept of mindfulness into the everyday activities of family life. “It all starts with intention,” Walsh explained. “You need to have a strong purpose for introducing mindfulness to your family and be motivated to set it into motion.” Living a mindful life allows children to be present with regards to their feelings, positivity, gratitude, and overall quality of life.

According to Walsh, living a life of mindfulness can lead to extraordinary results for the entire family. “I grew up in a home where every child was loved for exactly who they are. When I took these lessons and combined them with other loving, positive life experiences, I found the concept of living a mindful life had a profound impact on my children and how I planned to raise them.”

For parents looking to incorporate mindfulness into their homes, Kathy recommends having a plan in place for each week. “Consider your schedule for the week. How will you balance technology, mindfulness, nature, and peace on top of your daily tasks? Raising children in a space of mindfulness requires consistent planning.”

Kathy Walsh is the founder and director of Peace Place for Kids, a resource for parents around the world interested in raising their children in a place of mindfulness, peace, and positivity. For more information on how you can raise mindful children, visit


About Kathy Walsh

Those who know Kathy’s story will tell you that her career and position as a mindfulness expert is no coincidence. Inspired by her whimsical and influential childhood experiences, Kathy set out to live a positive life of mindfulness and peace. A master meditator and avid reader and author of mindfulness books, Kathy created a series of children’s books and meditations called Joyohboy, and a resource for parents called Peace Place for Kids. Boasting more than 20 years of experience working with children, the arts, and education, Kathy finds nothing more exciting than helping children and their families find a life of peace. Kathy has been featured in the Huffington Post, Elephant’s Journal, NPR LA, and additional live television and press spots. For more information on Kathy Walsh and Peace Place for Kids, please visit


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