Mornings with Multiples: How to Start the Day Stress-Free

Are you having trouble getting your kids ready to go at the start of the day? Cut the chaos and get out the door on time with these tips on how to streamline your morning routine.

Get Out of Bed

Obviously, you have to pull yourself out from under the covers, but how you do it can make or break your morning. First and foremost, don’t hit the snooze button. We get it — it’s warm and comfortable and no one\’s asking you to do anything just yet. However, trying to sneak in an extra 20 minutes can put your entire day off track.

Get Organized

A cluttered closet or unruly shoe rack are your worst enemies in the morning. It might seem like a minor hindrance, but having to dig for two (or more) of everything can set you back. Spend some time each weekend getting things cleaned out. Not only will less clutter equal less stress, but you’ll also find that the stuff you like gets used more often since you’ll see it when you need it. Angie’s List has many great suggestions on how to get organized, including how to double your closet space (without adding a new one). While you’re cleaning up, toss everything you haven’t worn in the last year into a “goodbye” pile and store your seasonal attire until next year.

Don’t Multitask

As the parent of multiples, you’re used to doing everything twice. However, stop trying to do it all at once. There is only one you so delegate one twin’s morning ritual to your spouse or partner. You dress baby A, dad dresses baby B. If you’re solo in the mornings, this won’t be possible, but you should still stick with doing one thing at a time — even if it means letting someone cry until you can dedicate your attention to them. If your children are older, give them clear instructions and, as TwinsUK suggests, don’t rush in to make things happen when they’re slow. As tempting as doing “it” yourself is, this only gives them permission to rely on you for everything, and that’s not practical or sustainable as your children get older.

Color Coordinate

As cliché is the suggestion might seem, assigning colors to your same-sex twins or triplets is an efficient way to get through your morning — and nighttime — preparations. And if your kids are identical and too young to speak for themselves, dressing them in a designated color can prevent confusion if they go to daycare. One Wisconsin mom recounts the time when her child’s daycare accidentally dosed one twin with antibiotic meant for the other. You don’t have to stick with this tactic forever, but it’s a great way to give yourself a visual of what you need.

Save the Day with a Quick and Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, when you’re in a hurry, it may seem like an impossible mission. These quick and healthy breakfast recipes, which include make-ahead parfaits and baked oatmeal, can help you prepare for the day.

If You Work from Home

With so many moms and dads choosing to work from home, it only makes sense to include a few efficiency tips as well. First, don’t feel guilty if you need to bring in help a few days a week. Also, make a point to designate a dedicated workspace so you aren’t tempted to check your email at the breakfast table while you’re doing other things.

Having multiples is a wonderful experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s not without its challenges. However, cut the chaos by getting yourself organized — and out of bed — and you’ll find your mornings will go almost as fast as your children grow.

Author: Daniel Sherwin | | Image via Pixabay
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