Baby Shower Invitations For Twins

Are you having trouble finding SUPER cute invitations for a twin baby shower? Thought so! That is why we wanted to highlight Purple Trail’s awesome selection of Baby Shower invitations for TWINS. They have almost 30 to choose from and we chose some of our faves to showcase

Little Ladies – Floral Twin Baby Shower Invitation – Super cute, very classy, and a little sassy. LOVE this.

Mustache and Bow – This is a perfect shower invitation for boy/girl twins.

Tea for Two – This is one of our favorites because its so Extra, and Twin moms require “extra” sometimes

Giraffes/Jungle Theme– This is a great choice for a gender neutral twin baby shower invite

Twin Onesie invitation (boy or girl themed) – I am OBSESSED with these.

Unicorn Twin Baby Shower Invite– A Unicorn Shower Invite that is made for twins. I feel like finding this invitation is a unicorn in itself.

Baseball Ticket  –  Invitation for all baseball lovers who are welcoming twins

Cheers to Twins –  you are having twins, and its time to Drink up!


Holy Sheep! – Not only super cute, but hilarious.

Twin Baby Sprinkle– This is the perfect twin invitation for someone who already has another kid/kids. A twin baby sprinkle means its not their first shower, but it is their first for twins.


Don’t forget that each of these are completely customizable, by color, font, wording…etc. That means that most of these will work for  boy/boy twins, girl/girl twins, or boy/girl twins.


Once your babies are born, don’t forget to introduce your cuties to the world with one of our favorite Twin announcements ( also by Purple Trail).


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