Bet You Didn’t Know Your Babies’ Onesies Could Do This!

Didn’t Know Your Babies’ Onesies Could Do This!
As a new parent, perhaps you noticed that Baby Onesies all have a similar layout. But you probably don’t know why, do you? Don’t feel bad. Most parents don’t learn this trick until their kids have long outgrown their favorite adorable babies onesies. If you’re new to all this though, and especially with twins — surely you’ve had an epic diaper blowout by now. You know the kind. The one that sends a stinky mess launching out the leg holes and up the back. As you stand there, trying not to cry because you desperately want an adult and realize that you ARE the adult while trying not to simultaneously vomit from the stench, you try to craft your plan as to how you can prevent the oozing mess from further spreading. After all, babies are notorious wigglers and jigglers. Well, hang on just a minute. Before you take that poop-covered onesie off, there’s something you need to know. That shoulder design that is common to all onesies is created this way for a purpose. This design is to make getting baby dressed and undressed so much easier, but it also comes in handy when there’s a mega-mess like this. The envelope-style of the shoulders makes it easy to roll baby onesies down off your baby instead of pulling it over her head, streaking poo up her back and into her hair. While many parents often bemoan the snaps at the bottom, just think that these are loads better than ties or buttons. The real genius in the onesie design is in the shoulders. We’re not saying you will always save yourself from having to drop everything to give your little ones an immediate bath, but with this shoulder design, you can thank your lucky stars that you’ll never ever have to create an even more unnecessary mess. Now that we’ve got that TMYK covered, you only live once and babies are only little once. Sure, you can have more of them (and isn’t making them the fun part?) but each baby is unique, sweet and special, and each one deserves to wear fun and cool onesies so that you can trot out those drooling chubby-cheeked baby photos to embarrass them with when they’re teenagers. TheFunBaby makes some of the cutest babies onesies around. Each one is individually handcrafted in the USA and comes with some of the most cleverly adorable prints around. From things like “Taco Bout Cute” with a cute taco graphic to pop culture references every mom and dad will love like quotes from Mean Girls (My Mom’s Not a Regular Mom. She’s a Cool Mom.) and Dumb and Dumber (Mocking Bird, YEAH), you’ll wish they were made in your size (and can be upon request) so you can be Twinsies with your Twinsies :).
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