Birthday Game: 10 Day Countdown to Your Little Ones Birthday

Of course, your child\’s birthday is special. That is a no brainer. But what about kicking it up to the next level? Doing some really unique and cool things either in the days preceding or on the big day will surely add to the excitement. Let me give you a few examples.

How about if you make a fun calendar that has the 10 days preceding their birthday highlighted on it and on each day, you could have a picture on it.

Let’s say your child’s birthday falls on July 23rd. Ten days before would be the 14th of July so that is where you would start. In our example below there is a picture of a bird. Beforehand you can hide a picture of a bird somewhere in your house and you can then put your child on a scavenger hunt to find the bird!

When they find the bird, you can have a small birthday present attached to it. A good idea would be to keep the presents small on the first few days and then make them bigger and bigger up until the big day!

Imagine the excitement of them waking up every day to play this scavenger hunt game with a present?

Here is a sample of ideas of gifts that you can give them during the 10 days of pre-birthday fun

Day 1 – Cupcakes or brownies (or a healthy treat!)

Day 2 – A small stuffed animal or figurine

Day 3 – A fun children’s learning book or activity book

Day 4 – A fun small toy

Day 5 – Movie night where they pick the movie

Day 6 – A trip out for ice cream

Day 7 – Something cute to wear or sneakers

Day 8 – A cool board game

Day 9 – A small make your own pizza party with the family

Day 10 – Their big gift that you choose!

Reach out to us and let us know if you did a fun variation of this idea! Also, if you have a moment, we wanted to share some more ideas to make your child’s birthday more special from our friends over at They have a compiled a list of 104 more ideas. You can check them out here.

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