Children’s Book Review: Little Me Tomorrow

Children's Book Review: Little Me Tomorrow
My children are fond of books. Our library at home is constantly growing. As they are getting older, they are carefully listening to interesting stories, learning new words, expanding their vocabulary and admiring beautiful illustrations. We also expand the type of books we read from common books at to very specific niche books from boutique bookstores online like Hawaiian Children’s Books When I learned about the unique children’s book called Little Me Tomorrow, I instantly knew that we simply must have it. Little Me Tomorrow is a book about hobbies and with the help of it, our children will discover their passions. And if they know their passions, they are on the road to become winners. I strongly believe that what happens in our children’s free time is crucial to their development and their future achievement. Little Me Tomorrow captures this belief and is an inspiration to our kids. It is easy to read as well as it is rhythmic as poetry. Children's Book Review Little Me Tomorrow has a simple circular design, beautiful handmade illustrations, and is created with a great amount of love from our team. A unique wooden handle engraved with your child’s name holds this handcrafted eco-friendly book together without any kind of glue. Little mouse leaves our youngest a present as well: a crystal for luck that can be found on the front page of the book. On the first page of the book you can write your own letter dedicated to your loved ones and make a book even more special. Something for our children lifelong to remember. It is a joy for mothers too. When they read it, they got tears in their eyes from the very start. A customized gift for the whole family. Author of the first children’s circular book with a customized wooden handle is Tanja Hladnik, mother to a 1-year old son Maj. She tried to think outside the box and create a book that could make a difference and have influence on our child’s future in so many ways. She believes that a children’s book can be different. Learn more at Book Review: Little Me Tomorrow
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