Brain Balance – 5 Back-To-School Tips

Brain Balance - 5 Back-To-School Tips
TIP 1: PRACTICE KINESTHETIC ACTIVITIES Activities that involve active physical motion help children learn faster and retain more information. Enjoy the last rays of summer while teaching your child “learning can be fun” by taking them on activities like gallery walks. TIP 2: COME UP WITH A DAILY SCHEDULE A concrete routine keeps your children grounded, and it’s especially necessary to re-establish one after the unscheduled months of summer. Let your child have input into the plan—it will give them agency and make them feel empowered. TIP 3: SPEND TIME IN THE KITCHEN Let your child do simple activities like measuring ingredients, dividing up portions, and reading recipes. This reinforces their reading and math skills without making them feel intimidated. Plus, it helps you with dinner—or even back to school meal prep. TIP 4: HAVE YOUR CHILD START JOURNALING Have your child write about their feelings or thoughts. This is a fun way to re-activate their writing skills and show them that writing is meaningful. And, of course, that will reflect  in their school assignments and grades TIP 5: INTEGRATE FINE MOTOR ACTIVITIES Stimulate your child’s tactile and visual senses by letting them play with toys like sidewalk chalk and finger paints. These activities are sensory and help your child develop fine movements. They’re also plain ol’ fun! To understand whether your child might have left- or  right-brain weakness, check out this simple online assessment: After years of helping children with behavioral and social challenges, the experts at Brain Balance Achievement Centers have developed a cutting-edge (and drug-free) program combining sensory motor stimulation, academic exercises , and nutrition to correct brain imbalance and improve achievement.
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