10 Ways to Toddler-Proof Your Kitchen

10 Ways to Toddler-Proof Your Kitchen
When you have a toddler, you know that they are going to try to get their hands on absolutely everything. However, there are some areas of your house that are just more dangerous than others. Your toddler should be kept away from most things in the kitchen, as kitchen tools and appliances can be unsafe for toddlers. Keep reading down below for the top ways you can toddler-proof your kitchen.
  1. Keep An Eye On Your Child When They’re In The Kitchen
The absolute best way that you’re going to be able to toddler-proof your kitchen is to keep an eye on your child when they’re in the kitchen. Even if you look away for a few seconds, your child could find themselves in a dangerous situation. Any time that you are in your kitchen with a toddler, make sure that you are keeping an eye out.
  1. Keep Any Toxic Materials Out Of Reach
Anytime that you are using or when you have toxic materials in the kitchen like bleach, make sure to keep them out of the reach of your child. These solutions should be kept in high places that are unreachable by a toddler or behind latched drawers.
  1. Think About Switching Those Toxic Products To Ones That Are More Safe
If you are using toxic products, then you should definitely think about switching them out for ones that are safer. Think about switching out bleach for vinegar, for example. If your child does get a hold of these products, then it won’t be nearly as dangerous.
  1. Keep Any Plastic Bags Or Potential Choking Hazards In High Places
If you keep plastic bags in your kitchen, then make sure that these are kept in high cabinets, as well. By doing this, you are going to be keeping your child from getting a hold of these potential choking hazards.
  1. Buy Everything With Child-Proof Caps
When you buy medications or vitamins that you might store in the kitchen, ensure that they come with child-proof caps. These are going to keep your child from getting into them and potentially ingesting them.
  1. Use Latched Drawers To Store Your Knifes And Any Other Sharp Kitchen Objects
When you have knives from http://www.cutitfine.com/ and other sharp kitchen tools in your kitchen, these are things that no child should get a hold of. They are super dangerous for toddlers, so make sure that they are stored in latched or locked drawers.
  1. Any Glass Needs To Be Kept In A High Place
Glass is another big danger in your kitchen that you should watch out for. Make sure that any glass or china that’s in your kitchen is stored in a high place. This will ensure that your toddler can’t get a hold of them and break them.
  1. Unplug Your Electronics When You’re Not Using Them And Keep The Cords Out Of Reach
When it comes to your electronic appliances, ensure that you always keep them unplugged when you’re not using them and that the cords are stored out of reach. If your child were to turn on such an appliance, this could lead to a very dangerous situation.
  1. Never Leave Anything Potentially Dangerous Out In The Open For Too Long
If you’re working in the kitchen with your toddler around, never leave a knife or a plastic bag unattended for any period of time. This provides your toddler the perfect opportunity to grab onto this object and hurt themselves.
  1. Use On Of Your Cabinets As A Space For Your Toddler To Explore
However, not everything about child-proofing your kitchen has to be preventative! You should definitely use one of your cabinets as a space for your child to explore in and play with some small kitchen objects that are not dangerous.   Each of these points are going to help you ensure your kitchen is super safe for your toddlers. Which one of are you going to implement first?
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