Considering Moving to a New State With Kids

Considering Moving to a New State With Kids

Written By Allen Brown

  Moving is often hard on very many people, however, especially so for teenagers who are at the beginning of forming peer groups and friendships. You’re just learning how to socialize and fit in so any news of anything to do with you and your family having to move is usually unwelcome news. Teens are already experiencing some age-related issues that in some cases might end up defining who they are. Adding a move to the mix and their lives instantly become a lot more complicated. Fortunately, there are some actions and activities you can do that can help them cope with the move.

1. Talking With Your Teenagers

Although your teenage child may not have come around to fully forming their identity just yet, they already have enough knowledge and life experience of the world around them to examine a certain complication, find an effective solution for the problem as well as make informed decisions. Their points of view and opinions deserve a little respect and consideration. So, try to talk to them openly about the move. Hear them out and try to understand how they feel.

2. Get Their Input Concerning The Move

If you happen to still be in search of your ideal home, then consider asking the teens in your family unit for their input on the matter in general. Moving with kids doesn’t have to be that complicated. Try finding out what they would like, what they might consider a perfect neighborhood to be and what kind of bedrooms they’d like. This will help them think about the move in a positive way. Getting their input during the early stages of the moving process will get them involved which in turn will make them feel like they had something to do with the final decision.

3. Organize Proper Farewells

Saying a proper farewell to everything and everyone that’s being left behind is vital if one wants to move on with their lives and turn their energy to the fresh new beginnings waiting ahead. You need to find ways in which you can help your teenage children say goodbye properly to all the places and people that were dear to them. Take your teenager to all those special places they associated with happiness from their childhood. Let them spend enough time by themselves in those beloved surroundings.

4. Help Them Find Out About Their New Location

Suggest to them they research and look up information about their new town or city. Ask them to research on specific things about the town that could prove to be relevant to the entire family in general. Things such as where the local recreation facilities happen to be located, what the name of their new home team is and/or when registration is. This will help them start to get a bit familiar with their new location.   When relocating to another town there’s probably a lot that’s going to be new to both you as well as your teen. Customs, foods and dress code might change a bit. Culture shock is very real so doing some of the things we’ve mentioned above will help your teen child cope with such. Don’t allow you moving with your teenage children to give you sleepless nights.  
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